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Submissions Inbox

Once a submission has been made to a Turnitin assignment, the submission inbox will contain the submitted paper. If the instructor has allowed students to view the Originality Report for their paper, a percentage icon will appear once the report has been generated. If the instructor used GradeMark to grade the paper, then once the post date passes, students will see a pencil icon that will open GradeMark when clicked.



The My Submissions tab contains the following columns:


Submission: contains the title of the paper submitted and the status of the submission

Submitted: contains the date and time of the submission

Similarity: contains the Originality Report icon for the submission which displays the percentage of text within the paper that matches content in the Turnitin databases

Grade: contains the grade received for the paper and the GradeMark icon. Clicking on the GradeMark icon opens up the graded paper in GradeMark. After the post date of the assignment both the grade for the paper and GradeMark will be available to view.

Opening Originality Reports


Instructors can choose for each Turnitin assignment whether or not to allow students to view Originality Reports. If a student has been given access to Originality Reports, they can view their report by clicking on an assignment from the homepage. Click on the My Submissions tab. In this screen the student can click on the Originality Report icon to view their Originality Report.



For more information about Originality Reports, please click here to view the Originality Report chapter of the Turnitin student manual.




To access GradeMark, click on the pencil icon in the Grade column.



For more in depth information on using GradeMark, please click here to view the GradeMark chapter of the Turnitin Student manual.



Some assignments may allow students the ability to overwrite their previous submissions until the due date and time set for the assignment. This option can be set by the instructor on an assignment by assignment basis. If overwriting is not enabled, the instructor must manually delete a previous submission to allow the student user to submit a second file.

Note: Only a single file may be submitted by a student user to any Turnitin assignment part. Any second or subsequent submission will overwrite the original file submission in this assignment part. Multiple files cannot be uploaded to the same assignment part by a student.

How to Resubmit to an Assignment


If resubmission by overwrite has been enabled or an instructor has deleted the student user’s first submission, resubmitting a paper is handled in an identical manner as a first time submission to an assignment. Follow the steps for a first time submission as listed in this handbook.

Note: When a student user clicks on the Submit icon for an assignment allowing overwrite resubmission, a warning pop-up will appear. This serves to notify the student user that, if available, Originality Reports for any resubmission that is made in this assignment will require an additional twenty four hour delay to generate. 

This applies to all submissions past the first submission made by any student user in any assignment.

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