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The submission inbox

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Once a submission has been made to a Turnitin assignment, the submission inbox will contain the submitted paper. If your instructor has allowed you to view the Similarity Report for your paper, a percentage and indicative color will appear once the report has been generated. If your instructor has also graded the paper, then once the post date passes, you'll see a pencil icon that will open the document viewer when selected.



The My Submissions tab contains the following columns:


Submission: contains the title of the paper submitted and the status of the submission

Submitted: contains the date and time of the submission

Similarity: contains the Similarity Report icon for the submission which displays the percentage of text within the paper that matches content in the Turnitin database.

Grade: contains the grade received for the paper and the GradeMark icon. Clicking on the GradeMark icon opens up the graded paper in GradeMark. After the post date of the assignment both the grade for the paper and GradeMark will be available to view.




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