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Writing an Instructor Review

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To write a PeerMark review, click the blue pencil button to start a new review or click the green pencil and paper button to resume a saved review.





PeerMark will open. All the free response and scale questions that need to be completed for the peer review are located on the right side of the PeerMark window.

 ​​​​​​To answer a free response question, click in the text box below the question and type your response. The word minimum for the response is listed below the text box.


Submitting a Peer Review



Click the Submit button at the top of PeerMark.



Note: Do not confuse the Save and Submit button. The Save button saves your review for you to return to at a later time. The Submit button submits the review to your instructor and the paper's author.



You will receive a Submission Complete confirmation upon submission of your review.

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