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Plagiarism Plugin release notes archive



Release: v2017112302


  • Support for Moodle 3.4
  • Fixed errors due to incorrect configuration of the plugin
  • Added default activity completion settings
  • Fixed an issue preventing group submission grades from updating


Support for Moodle 3.4 - After lots of tests against the release of Moodle 3.4, we're pleased to announce that Turnitin's Plagiarism Plugin now supports it.


Fixed errors due to incorrect configuration of the plugin - If the Plagiarism Plugin was not configured correctly and PeerMark was simultaneously enabled, this would cause an error in the assignment inbox. We've managed to resolve this!


Added default activity completion settings - We've added the default activity completion setting alongside the bulk edit activity completion. Default activity completion allows you to select one or more course activities or resources and change their default settings (usually 'manual') to a setting of your choice. Thanks to @tonyjbutler for his input!


Fixed an issue preventing group submission grades from updating - Moodle's group submissions allow one student to submit on behalf of their group. However, we ran into a breakdown in functionality where grades failed to apply to all group participants for a submission; only the student who physically made the submission would receive a grade. Now, all students in a group can view their grade in the Moodle gradebook.




Release: v2017081001


  • Fixed a bug preventing submission after declining the EULA
  • Fixed a bug preventing submissions from processing


Fixed a bug preventing submission after declining the EULA - We received reports that students were unable to submit to a Moodle assignment after declining the Turnitin EULA. That definitely wasn't expected, but we've quickly fixed it. Students are now able to decline the Turnitin EULA but still submit to a Moodle assignment with Turnitin enabled.


Fixed a bug preventing submissions from processing - We suspect our crons might have put on a little weight this month as they were becoming stuck for a few of our users! When some users deleted a submission, this would prevent the cron from running, and consequently, submissions would fail to process.


A cron is used to execute commands automatically at a set time or date.

To resolve this, we've moved the delete_tii_submission function from private to public. The cron is now functioning as expected for affected users (having dropped a few much-needed pounds!). A big thanks to @aolley for the pull request!




Release: v2017070301


We now support Moodle 3.3!

  • Fixed a bug affecting the Moodle 3.3 bulk completion tool
  • Fixed a bug preventing submissions from processing


Fixed a bug affecting the Moodle 3.3 bulk completion tool - We received a report that the Moodle 3.3 bulk completion editing feature was broken as a result of the Plagiarism Plugin being installed.


Fixed a bug preventing submissions from processing - If a course was deleted before a submission was sent to Turnitin, the cron would become stuck. Submissions in the queued state would stop further submissions from being processed, revealing a database error message. We've stopped exceptions (such as a deleted course) from causing any further cron processing to fail.


A cron is used to execute commands automatically at a set time or date.



Release: v2017052401


Fixed a bug preventing access to Turnitin Feedback Studio - We discovered a bug causing the similarity score button to break in Moodle's grading platform (a basic version of the Turnitin document viewer). The bug was a jQuery issue, stemming from the release of Moodle 3.1 earlier in the year. Moodle's grading platform caused our links to function incorrectly and consequently stopped instructors from viewing a student's Similarity Report. Links and buttons now work as they should.



Release: v2017022201

  • Verified against Moodle 3.2.
  • UI modified for compatibility with Boost theme.
  • First unit tests added to plugin.
  • Update grade call removed for ULCC's coursework module. (Thanks to @aferenz)
  • Fixes:
    • An undefined index was causing a Moodle unit test to error. (Thanks to @danmarsden)
    • CronCron submission processing fails gracefully and doesn't stop further cron processing if submissiontype or submitter are not set.
    • CronCron submission processing fails gracefully and doesn't stop further cron processing if the file or forum post no longer exist. (Thanks to @danmarsden)
    • Display customised error message if errormsg is '0'. (Thanks to @roperto)
    • Save error message correctly instead of error code. (Thanks to @roperto)
    • Undeclared variable replaced in logging call.




Release: v2017013101

  • Fixes:
    • DB Upgrade script now checks submitter column exists as this was breaking for some users.



Release: v2017012501

  • The events now use Moodle's new Events 2 API, which is a requirement to support future Moodle versions. Admins should ensure the Events Queue has been cleared for Plagiarism events. Following this change to the Events API this release and future releases will no longer work on Moodle 2.6.
  • The language strings have been updated across all supported languages.
  • The unused database columns legacyteacher, apimd5 and externalstatus have been removed from the plugin's plagiarism_turnitin_files table. These were leftovers from Dan Marsden's version of the plugin that are no longer used.turnitin_files table. These were leftovers from Dan Marsden's version of the plugin that are no longer used.
  • Travis-CI has been aded to the plugin as an extra QA resource to help flag any issues with the code.
  • Fixes:
    • The assignment edit API call no longer fails if repository settings don't match the plugin settings.
    • JavaScript error no longer appears when closing the PeerMark manager.
    • The & character no longer appears in TFS as &.
    • Default values for submitter and student_read columns are now consistent between upgrade and install. (Thanks to @danmarsden).
    • The error message when submitting a file >40mb now displays correctly.
    • Fixed an issue with anonymous marking where grades would appear in the gradebook before the assignment has been unanonymised.
    • Fixed an issue where the first submission to an assignment would sometimes fail to send to Turnitin.
    • Moodle's Behat unit tests will no longer fail. (Thanks to @roperto)


Release: v2016072601

  • Verified against Moodle 3.1.
  • Removed word count check before submission.
  • Added .xls and .xlsx to accepted filetypes.
  • Increase submission processing limit in cron to 100.
  • Fixes:
    • Module can still be used if Turnitin account is not configured.
    • Check $CFG exists before using in version.php (Thanks to @micaherne).micaherne).
    • Ensure file extension is lowercase when checking accepted files.
    • Ensure refresh submissions link works for workshop and forums.
    • Change recordset to records in data dump as recordset wasn't working for PostgreSQL.
    • Assignment default settings are now applied when creating assignment (Thanks to @danmarsden).
      • Note: Admins - please ensure that plugin settings match account settings.
    • Added missing and changed incorrect error language strings.
    • All uses of object() changed to stdClass().
    • PeerMark Reviews launcher now enrols user correctly in Turnitin class.
    • Catch exception if can not get file content when making a submission (Thanks to @kenneth-hendricks).
    • Ignore inherited roles when looking for instructors on Turnitin class creation.
    • Ensure activity edit page does not break if plugin is not fully configured. (Thanks to @mhughes2k).
    • Fixed an issue where submission notifications would be sent to instructors even with instructor digital receipt notifications turned off.
    • Fixed a bug that led to error and stack trace upon data dump generation.
    • Grades are no longer sent to the gradebook before anonymity is lifted when blind marking is enabled.
    • Fixed an issue where the EULA link would be broken post-submission if the student originally declined the EULA. (Thanks to @pauln)
    • Added missing error language strings to the language string file.
    • Fixed an issue where a submission could be stuck in pending if the user is not found.



Release: v2016011101

  • Output a message when the submission limit has been reached for a single cron run.
  • Output cron backlog count.
  • Output successful submission message in cron.
  • Ensure filename to be sent to Turnitin is UTF-8 encoded
  • Unnecessary addition of user being updated in Turnitin and submission inbox being viewed removed from plugin activity logs.
  • Use recordset on viewreport in datadump to avoid memory issues (Thanks to aolley).
  • Use default values if user has no firstname or lastname.
  • Fixes:
    • Grademark icon visibility now dependent on whether GradeMark feedback exists rather than a grade.
    • CronCron now records a submissions as errored and continues processing the events queue if Turnitin assignment creation fails.
    • CronCron now records a submissions as errored and continues processing the events queue if Turnitin user creation fails.
    • Don't show GradeMark icon to student if anonymised.anonymised.
    • Paginate submission errors table
    • Replace deprecated mime_content_type function in submission to Turnitin process.
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