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  • Turnitin supports an integration with Sakai originally developed by Indiana University for use with Sakai Assignments 2
  • The current plugin supports Assignments 1 and Assignments 2. The plugin includes a migration tool to migrate from prior Sakai plugins to the new version
  • Turnitin has enhanced this integration to fully support GradeMark and Turnitin advanced assignment options, such as e-rater
  • The latest integration also supports multiple instructors on a Turnitin assignment, providing extended access to the Turnitin Document Viewer
  • The integration can be configured for use in Turnitin via the unique "Sakai" configuration button within Turnitin. Download installation instructions
  • There are known issues with the former integration built for use with Assignments 1. See known issues
  • More information on Sakai can be found on The Sakai Confluence Community Pages




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