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Enabling Turnitin for a lesson or site

There are two ways of enabling Turnitin in Sakai. You can enable Turnitin for use on a site-level or on a per lesson basis.


  • Lesson: Multiple instances of Turnitin, usable by anyone attached to the lesson. 
  • Site-level: A single instance of Turnitin, usable by the entire site. This is useful if you are wanting to set up a site-wide dropbox for submissions.

Enabling Turnitin for a Lesson


Sakai's Lessons can allow for Turnitin to be used multiple times within the same site. If you haven't already, you'll first have to enable Lessons functionality for the site. 



Due dates are not shared with Sakai calendar

Enabling Lessons


1. Navigate to the Site Info for your site.




2. From the Site Info page, select the Manage Tools tab. 


3. From the General section, find Lessons and select the relevant checkbox. Use the Continue button to confirm. 


4. From the Customize Tool Instances page, choose a title for your lesson. You can add multiple lessons at once via the More Lessons Tools? drop-down.



5. A summary page will appear. If everything looks good, use the Finish button.


Enabling Turnitin


1. Navigate to the lesson where you would like to enable Turnitin. 




2. From the Lesson page, select the Add Content+ button



3. Select Add External Tool option.




4. You'll be shown a list of currently configured external tools. Select the one you'd like to add to the lesson. Each External Tool you add will be a different assignment in the lesson. 


5. From the Configure External Tool window, give the assignment a title. Change any other relevant fields. When you're done select the Save button




6. Now, you'll find the assignment you have added when you open your Lesson. You can find your Lesson by navigating your Site. Select the assignment to open Turnitin. 





Enabling Turnitin for a Site


By default, Sakai LTI is implemented at the site level, this is particularly useful if you want to provide a dropbox type experience for your teachers and students.


1. Navigate to the Site Info for your site.




2. From the Site Info page, select the Manage Tools tab.


3. Navigate to the External Tools section. If it is collapsed, click on the arrow to expand the section. Find the external tool you just created, select the checkbox and click Continue




4. A summary of the changes you've made will be shown, select the Finish button.


5. Your 'dropbox' has now been linked. Select your site drop-down, and you'll be able to access your new Turnitin integration here. 





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