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Step 2: Configuring Turnitin LTI in Sakai

Important Terminology

Remote Tool URL: This will be different if you are accessing Turnitin from the United Kingdom or from if you are accessing from elsewhere. You may also know it as the Domain URL. (UK users only) (All other users)


Remote Tool Key: This is your Turnitin Account ID. You'll find it in your initial account creation emails from Turnitin or you can also log in to (or and see it on the Administrator Homepage.  

Remote Tool Secret: In Turnitin this is called the Shared Key. You create this when you configure your account in Turnitin

Creating a Site within Sakai



Note: The illustrations in the following guidance may differ slightly, depending on the version of Sakai you are currently using.


To be able to configure Turnitin LTI with Sakai you must first create a 'site' in which it can live. 


1. From the Workspace navigate to Sites



2. From the My Workspace: Sites page select New Site



3. Create the Sakai site as you usually would. Any settings here will have no impact on the Turnitin LTI integration. We recommend using something relevant for the required Site Id field, such as 'Turnitin LTI'.


4.  After you have completed setting up your Site select Save to finish

Adding an External Tool to Your Sakai Site


1. Navigate to Worksite Setup page


2. Select the checkbox beside the Site you would like to add Turnitn LTI to. Select the Edit button.



3. Select the Edit Tools button on the My Workspace: Worksite Setup page



4. Select the External Tools checkbox and select the Continue button


5. Add a Title and select Continue. The title can be anything you want but we recommend something relevant so you can recognize it later.



6. A confirmation message will appear. Select Finish to proceed. 



Configuring the LTI Tool within Sakai


1. In the page header find the Sakai site you want to add Turnitin LTI to and select it.



2. Find the tool you would like to configure and select the pencil and paper icon


3. Navigate to the Required Information section and fill in the required text box


Remote Tool Url

Remote Tool Key: Your Turnitin Account ID. The Turnitin administrator will have this information. 

Remote Tool Secret: The Shared Key the Turnitin administrator used when configuring the integration within Turnitin.


3. Navigate to the Releasing Roster Information section. Select both checkboxes to enable sending names and email addresses to the LTI tool.


4. Select the Update Options button to complete configuring the Turnitin LTI integration.  




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