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Peer Review

Writing a Peer Review


Turnitin assignments may include PeerMark peer review assignments.


A PeerMark Reviews tab is present when a PeerMark assignment is included within an assignment part.


1. Click on the PeerMark tab to view the PeerMark assignment list.



2. Within the PeerMark assignment list click on the review icon to begin a peer review for the PeerMark assignment.


Reading a Peer Review


You are able to read any peer reviews that have been left for you by clicking on the 'PeerMark Reviews' tab.




1. Click on the PeerMark Reviews tab. Here you will find all the peer reviews that you have written for other students and the option to write more.



2. Click the green tick mark besides Write Reviews tab


3. The document viewer will now launch. You can view our guide about how to interact with the peer review document viewer here.

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