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Assignment Summary

Once the Turnitin LTI assignment is launched, click the Summary tab to view the assignment dates and assignment's maximum grade, as well as view any additional settings enabled or disabled by your instructor.


Assignment Settings


Max grade

This is the point value for your assignment. For example, if the max grade is 100, this is the highest grade you can receive.


Start date

The start date is the date and time you can begin submitting to the assignment.


Due date

The due date is the date and time your paper is due to be submitted to the assignment.


Feedback release date

The feedback release date is the date and time you can begin viewing the comments and grades your instructor has left on your papers. Feedback can only be released after the due date.


Additional Settings


The assignment's additional settings advise whether or not resubmissions, late submissions or originality report viewing is allowed or disallowed. Should any tools in your assignment dashboard be grayed out, it may be the case that they have been disallowed by your instructor.


Note: If you believe that any of the assignment's additional settings are incorrect, please advise your instructor.


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