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Download / Installation



To download the Turnitin integration, use SVN to checkout the Turnitin integration to your Sakai repository. 

E.g. Create a folder called turnitin-129 in your Sakai repository, go into that folder and check out:

While in that folder run the following command: 

mvn clean install -Dmaven.test.skip=true sakai:deploy

Assignment 2

To download the Assignment 2 update, use SVN to check out the Assignment 2 module to your Sakai repository. 
E.g. Create a folder called assignment2-773 in your Sakai repository, go into that folder and check out:

svn co



To configure the Turnitin integration within Sakai you must edit your Sakai properties file, example:


vim /opt/tomcat/sakai/

The following properties must be added to the Sakai properties file ( 

Note: There is no need to set a value for SAID, simply ensure the Sakai integration is enabled in the Turnitin Integrations Dashboard


  • turnitin.secretKey=testing1 (Please enter the Shared Key for your institution as entered in the Turnitin Integrations Dashboard)
  • turnitin.enable.assignment2=true (Only necessary if you’re using Assignment2) 
  • turnitin.useSourceParameter=true assignment.useContentReview=true 
  • assignment.useContentReview=true


The following property should be temporarily set in After the application has started, it may be set back to false.


  • auto.ddl=true

Optional properties that may be added to the Sakai properties file (


Note: Grades are checked once per user session per assignment. Any grades that have been added since the instructor last entered the assignment will be retrieved from Turnitin and written to the associated gradebook. GradeMark will not work correctly if the assignment has been associated with the gradebook of another assignment. GradeMark will only run if turnitin.useGrademark=true has been added to


If you are using an older version of the Turnitin integration then it’s likely that all of your communications to Turnitin are being made via a pseudo ‘default instructor’. Migration moves existing classes from the Open API and will allow you to use actual instructors to create and control Turnitin assignments.


Note: If using linux run tail -fn 1000 /opt/tomcat/logs/catalina.out | grep –A20 -B10 ‘fid = 99’ on server startup to check if the operation completed successfully. If successful remove turnitin.migrate=true from



Proxy for turnitin (optional) - The proxy must not require authentication. 

  • turnitin.proxyHost= 
  • turnitin.proxyPort=


Send or don’t send notifications to students, this includes user creation/paper submission emails. 


  • turnitin.sendnotifations=true


Logging settings 

  • log.config.count = 2 
  • log.config.1 = 
  • log.config.2 = 
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