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Creating an Assignment with Turnitin in Sakai

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Once the Turnitin integration has been properly configured assignments can be created with Turnitin active. To create an assignment within Sakai, navigate to the desired site and click the Assignments (or Assignment2) link in the side menu.


1. Click on the Assignments link within the class drop down menu



2. Click the Add link



3. Enter the required assignment details (Title, Dates, Description) etc.



4. The Student Submissions field must be set to Attachments only as the integration does not currently accept text submissions



5. If desired, set the number of submissions you wish to allow the user to make, ranging from 1 to unlimited. (Please note that once work has been resubmitted the original is no longer accessible).



Note regarding Assignments ‘1’: When a resubmission is made, the original Originality report link for that entry 
remains in the submissions inbox until the resubmission has been fully processed. Clicking on this link during that time will 
result in an error. This behaviour does not occur in Assignments ‘2’, which properly shows the greyed out link.


6. Click the Use Turnitin checkbox



7. There are three options for the Submit papers to the following repository: None, Standard Paper Repository, and Institution Paper Repository.



Note: Only select Institution Paper Repository if that option is enabled in your Turnitin Account


8. Select whether to generate originality reports Immediately or On Due Date for the Generate originality reports option



9. Check the Allow students to view report to allow students to view the Turnitin Originality Report generated for student submissions



10. Select which repositories assignment submissions will be searched against from the Check originality against option



11. Select whether to turn on e-rater grammar checking for the assignment. If e-rater is turned on adjust the following options accordingly:

  • ETS Handbook
  • e-rater Dictionary
  • e-rater Categories



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