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  • Provides full support for the use of OriginalityCheck, GradeMark, and PeerMark within the WebStudy Learning LMS (WebStudy) without having to provide a secondary logon to Turnitin.
  • Integration developed by WebStudy in cooperation with Turnitin, using the latest Turnitin LTI solution
  • Assignment submissions to Turnitin are redundantly stored in WebStudy. The process is handled in the “background” and is completely automatic upon student submission of an assignment via the Turnitin GUI.
  • Allows unified management (status) of assignments provided through the WebStudy “Lightning Grader” user interface.
  • Integration supports multiple instructors and co-instructors on a Turnitin assignment, thus providing extended access to the Turnitin Document Viewer.
  • WebStudy 24x7 Solution Center support is available to ALL users, administrators, instructors and students. Dial (888) 326-4058 Option 3.

Installation Overview

The LTI app can be configured in WebStudy at institutional level or at course level. You will be required to configure the institutional template in WebStudy using the instructions below to integrate with Turnitin:

  • Using an Administrator level logon, go to Administration / Institution / Edit External tool provider presets (LTI)
  • Click “Create new Tool Provider” – a new line will appear in the Provider list
  • Enter the Tool Provider Title (e.g.
  • Enter the Domain Configuration and URL
  • Enter the Consumer Key (your Turnitin Account ID), and Shared Secret code
  • Skip the “Custom Parameters”
  • Set “Privacy” to PUBLIC
  • Leave the “External Tool Type” to “Manual Settings”

How to create an LTI assignment (instructor)

  • Select Assignments in the list of course tabs on the right
  • Select Create an assignment in the New dropdown menu
  • On the Settings tab, fill in all required fields, such as Name, Max points, etc.
  • On the Description tab, select Yes in the External Tool Enabled dropdown menu
  • Fill in all required fields, such as External Tool URL, Consumer key etc.
  • Click Submit at the bottom of the page

Manuals and User Guides

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Admin User Guide  
Instructor User Guide  
Student User Guide  

Videos and Demonstrations

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Student Demo  
Instructor Demo  
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