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Installation & Configuration


For information on using the Turnitin Building Block as an instructor or student, please view the Instructor or Student Blackboard integration user manuals.


Warning: The Turnitin Building Block must be installed by the Blackboard administrator.


1. Log into Blackboard as an administrator user


2. On the administrator home page, click on the System Admin tab



3. On the System Admin page, click the Building Blocks link in the Building Blocks section



4. Click on the Installed Tools link



5. On the Building Blocks page, click the Global Settings button at the top of the page



6. In the Global Settings screen set the Custom Database Objects level to at least Prompt each time a Building Block wants to create custom database objects



7. On the Building Blocks page, click the Upload Building Blocks button at the top of the page



8. Click Choose File and locate the Turnitin Building Block 



9. Click Submit to install the Building Block



10. You may be prompted to approve changes to the database, if so, click the “Approve” button


The Turnitin Building Block will appear on the list of installed Building Blocks. Next, the administrator must make the Building Block available so that it can be configured. This is accomplished from the Manage Building Blocks page.


From the manage Building Blocks page, select Set Available using the Turnitin Direct Assignment for Blackboard pull down menu. After the Building Block is set to available and has been configured, instructors on the account can begin using the Turnitin assignment type in their courses.


Note: To enable tools such as course recycle you will also have to navigate to System Admin > Tools and enable the options for Turnitin Direct Course Recycle and Relink.


Note: If the Turnitin Building Block is removed from available status, access to all Turnitin assignments and features for all users of the Building Block on the Blackboard installation will be disabled until the Building Block is returned to Available status.


To configure the Building Block, follow these steps:


1.Click the Settings menu item in the Turnitin Direct Assignment for Blackboard pull down menu



2. On the configuration page, enter the following required information: the Turnitin account ID, and the Turnitin Shared Key



3. Select the Turnitin API URL. For UK only users select and for all other users select



4. Choose whether to use GradeMark from the Enable GradeMark drop down menu. If your account has purchased GradeMark select Yes



5. Choose whether to enable an institutional repository. Only enable this option if you have expanded repository options enabled for your account. See page 5 for instructions on how to enable expanded repository options



6. Select whether to use Anonymous Marking. Anonymous Marking is only available for TurnitinUK users. The default is No



7. Select whether to use e-rater® grammar check. Only enable this if you have e-rater enabled on your Turnitin account



8. Enable Translated Matching in assignments. (Only enable this if you have Translated Matching enabled on your Turnitin account)



9. Enabling this option will remove dates from the user view, ignore post dates and allow users to resubmit an unlimited number of times



10. Select whether to enable email notifications. The Default is Yes. If set to ‘No’, students will no longer receive notification emails from Turnitin (They will, however, still receive submission receipts)



11. Select whether to enable email notifications. The Default is Yes. If set to ‘No’, students will no longer receive notification emails from Turnitin (They will, however, still receive submission receipts)



12. Select the language that will be used within the Turnitin plugin. 




13. To add a new language pack click on the Add link. To update a language pack click on the Update a Blackboard Direct Language Pack. Language Packs will change the Blackboard Direct interface into a localized language. You can find more packs within the Blackboard Direct .war file. Once you have extracted this file you can find more language packs within the 'lang' folder.



14. Click the Choose File button and then locate the language pack. Once the language pack is selected click Submit



15. There are two options for the Default action for copied/imported courses option: Relink Turnitin Direct Assignments or Recycle Turnitin Direct Assignments.

The Relink Turnitin Direct Assignments option retains the existing Turnitin class and user submissions when a course is archived or copied that contains Turnitin Direct assignments. Note: This means there will potentially be two courses pointing to the same Turnitin Class / Assignments, meaning any changes or submissions made to one will affect the other. If you simply wish to re-use a class containing Turnitin Direct assignments, please see the Recycle option.

The Recycle Turnitin Direct Assignments option will take the existing Turnitin direct assignment data in a course that is being copied and uses the assignment data to create a new class in Turnitin and recreates all assignments that existed in this course. The original class and submission data is retained in Turnitin but is no longer accessible via Blackboard.



16. Click submit to save the configuration




Note: When Relink Turnitin Direct Assignments is selected for the Default action for copied/imported courses option, if the original course exists that was copied, the relinked assignments on this course will point to the same data in Turnitin. Any changes made in this course will not be reflected in the original and vice versa.


Note: If Recycle Turnitin Direct Assignments is selected for the Default action for copied/imported courses option, unlike relink, recycle applies to any course containing Turnitin Direct assignments, whether they’ve been copied/ imported or not.



Once the building block is configured the administrator must set the Turnitin entries to Always On within the System Admin > Tools page to make the Turntin tools available.


After clicking on the System Admin tab click on the Tools link.


Click on the drop down button next to each Turnitin item and select Always On.



Click the Submit button to save the setting.

Web Proxy Configuration (Optional)


If you institution uses proxy sever to access the internet you will have to input these details during configuration of Turnitin Direct. 


1. Click on the System Admin link in your Blackboard Dashboard.



2. Now find the Building Blocks section and click on 'Building Blocks'.



3. Click on the 'Installed Tools' link.



4. Find the Turnitin Assignment you have created and click the arrow that appears beside it. Choose 'Settings'.




5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and find 'Web Proxy Configuration (Optional)' and add your details to the URL, Port, Username and Password fields.



6. Click 'Submit'

Copy into Note


Turnitin Direct does not support the ‘Copy into’ method if both courses already contain Turnitin Direct Assignments.

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