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Blackboard Direct v2.5 Integration Upgrade & Migration Information



  • Blackboard Direct v2.5 is the latest version of the Blackboard integration for Turnitin. This plugin provides a more Blackboard-like experience for delivering Turnitin Originality Checking, GradeMark and PeerMark services.


  • Plug-in is developed by iParadigms - launched Janurary 2015


  • Allows access to Turnitin OriginalityCheck, GradeMark and PeerMark without having to leave the Blackboard environment or log into Turnitin directly


  • Blackboard Direct v2.5 is backwards compatible with BB Direct v1, meaning you can access v1 assignments using v2.5. Version 2.5 is built on top of v1, so you can go back and forth between the two but a force refresh may be required. Assignments created using v2.5 will not be available in v1 if you were to roll back


Supported versionsSP 14 April and Oct



The Blackboard Direct v2.5 integration plug-in:

  • Supports Turnitin OriginalityCheck, GradeMark and PeerMark

  • Provides seamless integration with Turnitin and GradeMark using normal Blackboard workflow

  • Uses real information for Turnitin user accounts for instructors and students

  • Allows for multi-part assignments allowing for draft and revision submissions (one assignment, many files)

  • Sends grades entered in GradeMark to the Blackboard gradebook

  • Ability to release paper grades on the Turnitin post date

  • Allows for course recycle to copy forward Turnitin information

  • Allows instructors to submit work on behalf of students

  • Allows Turnitin classes to have multiple instructor access, allowing more than one instructor to gain access to the class and assignments in Turnitin's web interface


The Blackboard Direct v2.5 integration plug-in DOES NOT support:

  • Assignments created under the framed-in API (basic integration) will not work with Blackboard Direct v2.5

  • Support GradeMark analytics

  • Cloud submit options

New Features / Improvements in Blackboard Direct v2.5


  • Improved Submission Process - streamlined options

  • New ‘assignment inbox’ combining previous summary and per student links to submission screen

  • Allows instructors access to the Peermark manager

  • Allows students to mark peer / student submissions

  • Building block supports file types native Turnitin supports

  • Also supports AAEE (Accept Anything Evaluate Everything) submissions.

  • Support option for sending anonymized student data to Turnitin

  • Clicking view link goes directly to inbox as information from the summary page has been incorporated into the inbox

  • (Optional) All users on the course now appear in the submissions inbox, regardless of them having submitted or not

  • Added submit button to inbox - Instructors/Users can now click the submit button in the inbox and be taken to the submit page for the selected user / assignment part

  • Sortable inbox - Columns can now be sorted

  • inbox filtering - Instant filtering via search box

  • Group filtering - Inbox has a filter tool which can be used to only display users belonging to the specified group. This option will be hidden in anonymous marking enabled assignments. 

  • Inbox Pagination - Inbox is paginated improving readability and loading times

  • Support for Blackboard user groups. Assign a Blackboard group to an assignment - During assignment creation instructors can associate a group (if any exist) to the Turnitin direct assignment. Once set, only users who belong to that group will appear in the submissions inbox

  • GradeCentre updates. Interaction with the GradeCentre improved.

  • Added launcher for Rubric Manager - Allows users to access the Turnitin Rubric Manager

  • Added launcher for QuickMark Manager

  • Added launcher for PeerMark Manager

  • Added launcher for PeerMark Review

  • Added support for System-wide defaults - allows assignment settings to be saved as defaults that will be used for all future Turnitin direct assignments. (Can only be saved if the assignment is being created by a user with administrator level privileges)

  • Feedback files are now stored in the turnitin direct plugin directory rather than the ppg directory of ‘x’ course

  • Added check for Turnitin user agreement to submit page - if the user has not accepted the Turnitin user agreement it will be displayed to them

  • Fixed issue with overall grade display in multipart assignments - overall grade not displaying correctly unless all parts had been submitted to

  • Streamlined several functions

  • Added admin config option for compact/multi-line inbox

  • Fixed issue where keep dates option was not being respected in course recycle.

  • Removed Manual Grading option (input shown when GradeMark is disabled) - now displays a link to the Document Viewer where a grade can be entered

  • jQuery calls now use $jq (custom variable) to avoid conflicts

  • Submission Method selector no longer appears when a specific method has been set for the assignment

  • Removed continuous submissions options

  • Assignment description is now optional

Core Features

Support for PeerMark / Rubric / QuickMark Manager

Blackboard direct v2.5 supports PeerMark, Rubrics and the QuickMark manager, allowing you to launch these services directly from the submission inbox.


Improvements to Submissions Inbox


The submissions inbox has been streamlined. You can now filter, sort and filter by group. The OSI for each assignment is shown as it’s own column, you can even filter this column to show the largest match or the smallest. There is an ‘eye’ icon that will help you keep track of what submissions have been viewed.


You can easily export as word, pdf and excel right in the inbox and have access to our whole range of tools - launching PeerMark, the Rubric manager, QuickMark manager and PeerkMark reviews with one click

Recycling and relinking courses


Reusing or relinking is very easy in 2.5. You can find the needed tools in the ‘Course Tools’ section of BlackBoard. Recycling an assignment allows you to reuse an existing Turnitin Direct Assignment but will clear submission data so that you can use the same class again without having to go through and manually delete all the previous cohort’s information. We keep all the old data within Turnitin if you ever need it but it will no longer be accessible within Blackboard.


Relinking an assignment is somewhat similar to recycling in that it lets you use a course that you have previously used but will retain all the current student and submission data within the course. To relink a course you first import an archived course or copy a course containing a Turnitin direct assignment as you would normally in BlackBoard and then use this tool to link it up to the same assignment in Turnitin.


Note: Be careful with this tool as it can potentially mean two assignments in different courses are linked to the same data, meaning that any changes made to one could cause issues in the other.


Student Data Privacy


It is possible to anonymise the student data sent to the Turnitin servers. If the student data privacy option is enabled* student names and email addresses will appear in Blackboard as normal, however no student names or email addresses will be sent to Turnitin when this feature is enabled.


Warning: Please note that student data privacy must be enabled as soon as the plugin has been installed (i.e. before any identifying information has already been sent to Turnitin). Once enabled it cannot be disabled.


Support for BlackBoard User Groups


Groups were not supported in v1. Now, when creating an assignment, a group (if any exist) can be associated with the assignment meaning only the students who belong to that group will show up in the inbox.


Improvements to Assignment Creation


The layout of the assignment creation has been reconsidered to be much easier to use. It is much cleaner, making it far easier for you to find the sections that you will want to to change. It has been separated into more logical sections than before, with advanced options now in their own section allowing you to quickly create an assignment easily but while still retaining the option to dig in more deeply if you need to.



Example Screenshots

PeerMark Manager


QuickMark Manager


Rubric Manager


Submit a paper




Blackboard Direct Version 2.5 uses the same namespace as Blackboard version 1 does so you can’t run them in parallel with each other. However because of this you can install version 2.5 just as you have always done with version 1.

To find more information you can read the Blackboard version 1 administrator manual by clicking here.

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