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API calls are made using a TurnitinAPI object.

final int ACCOUNT_ID = 99999;
final String BASE_URL = "";
final String SHARED_KEY = "myshared";
final int SRC_ID = 26;

TurnitinAPI api = new TurnitinAPI(ACCOUNT_ID, BASE_URL, SHARED_KEY, SRC_ID);


Resource Hierarchy draft - New Page.png

Resource Class
Class TiiClass


PeerMark assignment TiiPeerMarkAssignment
PeerMark review TiiPeerMarkReview
Submission TiiSubmission
Rubric TiiRubric
User TiiUser
Membership TiiMembership


Institution - An academic institution such as a university or school. An institution is often comprised of multiple Accounts.

Account - An academic domain containing Classes, Assignments, Submissions, Instructors and Students. Each account has an associated Administrator. Products and integrations are enabled at this level.

User - A Turnitin user.

Administrator - The administrator of an Account. Accounts are limited to one administrator.

Instructor - The academic staff.

Student - A student.

Class - A course created by an Instructor.

Assignment - An assignment created within a Class by an Instructor.

Submission (paper) - A paper submitted by either a Student or an Instructor to an Assignment.


Example Description
Creating a user Creating a user
Updating a user Updating a user
Reading users by ids Reading users by ids
Finding a user Finding a user


Example Description
Creating a class Creating a class
Updating a class Updating a class
Reading classes by ids Reading classes by ids
Finding classes Finding classes
Deleting a class Deleting a class


Example Description
Creating a membership Creating a membership
Reading a membership Reading a membership
Finding memberships by class Finding memberships by class
Deleting a membership Deleting a membership


Example Description
Create an assignment Creating an assignment
Reading an assignment Reading an assignment
Finding assignments Finding assignments
Deleting an assignment Deleting an assignment


Example Description
Creating a submission Creating a submission
Finding submissions Finding submissions
Deleting a submission Deleting a submission

LTI Forms

Example Description
Assignment forms Assignment forms
Submission forms Submission forms
Grading forms Grading forms
Download forms Download forms


Read vs find

The read methods are used to read one or more objects by their IDs. The find methods are used to retrieve IDs for the given criteria.

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