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The Turnitin developer portal is available to owners of approved integrations with Turnitin, as well as new Connectitin partner developers.

Process For Completing New Integrations


Your Turnitin Account Manager will provide you with a primary point of contact within the Turnitin Integrations Team to guide and support you through these steps.

Step 1

The Turnitin team will engage with you to review the functional requirements and to determine the most suitable technical solution to be used (SDK or LTI)

Step 2

Turnitin will create an account for you in our integration sandbox environment for use during development and testing 

The Turnitin team will need a primary technical contact to serve as the administrator of the account

The sandbox account will be active for 30 days, to allow for the creation of an integration design

Step 3

Turnitin will assign an integration ID to your effort for use in the sandbox environment. This ID will be communicated to the primary technical contacts along with instructions on how to use it

Step 4

Create a design document detailing the integration touch points and the associated API calls to be made

Turnitin will provide guidelines for information to include in this document
Turnitin will provide documentation on the chosen integrations technology (SDK or LTI)

Step 5

Joint review of the integration design. This may be conducted via a meeting or email exchange of documentation

Step 6

Turnitin will ensure your sandbox account will remain active through the remainder of your development & testing

Step 7

On-line demonstration/walk-through of working integration, once completed and tested

Step 8

Turnitin approval/sign-off

Step 9

Once approval is given and both parties are ready, Turnitin will assign an integration ID for production use, and enable the integration in the live service

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