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Creating a Sub-Account

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There are four types of Turnitin accounts:


  • Consortium - A top level account containing a number of institutional accounts for clients with multiple locations which may be geographically separated. Consortium accounts must contain at least one institutional account. Instructors cannot join a consortium account directly.


  • Institution - The institutional or ‘single campus’ account allows the administrator to create multiple departmental accounts beneath it for purposes of statistical tracking or to allow departmental level administrators to access the service. Instructors may be added directly to this account, but using departmental accounts is recommended.


  • Department - This account type can only allow individual instructor accounts to be created as sub-accounts. 


  • Individual - A single user Turnitin account. Only a single instructor profile can be joined to an individual account. 

If this is an individual instructor account, you cannot set up sub-accounts and should skip ahead to the next chapter. If the account is a consortium, institution, or department account, this chapter will walk through setting up the account.


The administrator for a consortium account is responsible for providing the Turnitin salesperson with a list of sub-accounts (institutions) to be added to the consortium. Instructors will only be able to join these sub-accounts. Institutional accounts are created by Turnitin account representatives. 

If this is an institution account, you can choose to add departmental accounts. If the account is for a large university, for example, adding departments to the account may better organize the instructor lists.


Warning: If you have purchased an Individual or Department license, you will not need to add schools or departments to these accounts.


1. Click the new account icon to the right of your account name on the administrator homepage



2. On the next screen, enter a name for the account. 


Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 4.45.42 PM.png


3. (Optional) Assign an account sub administrator by checking the Add a sub-administrator to this account checkbox. A first and last name will be required as well as a valid e-mail address. Not entering any details will default to the primary administrator.


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