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Account  Products ,  Limits, and Renewal

Viewing Your Account Status



To view the Turnitin products and limits on an account, click on the name of the account from the administrator homepage.


The account status page will open to display the Turnitin products, indicating which are available on the account, as well as the expiration dates for these products. 

Detailed usage information including the applicable student limit and the total active students in all applicable accounts is also displayed on this page. The available active student limit listed is the number of student slots still usable on the account. 


If there are any questions regarding the products or limits on the account, please contact your Turnitin account representative. If you are unable to contact the Turnitin account representative, please email: and include your school name, the name of the primary account administrator or contact on the account, and the details of your question.


Resolving Student Limit Issues

Consolidating Multiple Enrollments


Multiple enrollments can occur when a single student creates a new account for different classes within the same institution. Please advise students to visit the Turnitin support wizard directly and simply click the Raise a Ticket button at the bottom of the page.


Our support team can merge multiple accounts into one, whilst retaining student submissions, providing the student can prove ownership of each email address. Students must specify which email address that they would like to continue using in Turnitin, and provide the email address of all accounts that require consolidation. Once consolidated, this process cannot be undone. 


Instructors may also remove multiple enrollments by dropping students' old accounts. However, this will delete student submissions.

Removing Students in Expired Classes


Students in expired classes do not count against your institution’s student limit. If instructors do not expire outdated classes, students from a previous term will still be counted. Please advise your instructors to expire any unused classes. You can do this by sending an email to all instructors on your account.

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