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Frequently asked questions


How do I submit a paper?   


To submit a paper, you must switch over to the instructor user role.



Log in to your account.


Select the currently active user role to expand the menu.



Select Instructor to change your user role. You can read the guidance on how to submit on behalf of a student in a class, or if you need to submit a single file without creating a class you can use Quick Submit. 



How do I change one of my instructor's user profiles? 


Turnitin does not allow administrators to make changes to an instructor's user profile once it has been created. However, instructors can edit their own profiles by going to the user info section of their accounts.

How do I get my instructors started using the service? 


Instructors may either register for Turnitin independently or have you register them from your administrator account.


Instructors Register Themselves


If you choose to allow your instructors to register independently they will have to create a user profile using the link on our homepage

You will have to provide the instructor with two pieces of information before they can create their account

Account ID
: this is the unique identifier of your account. You can find it on the Administrator Homepage besides the name of your account. 



Administrator Adds Instructor


Alternatively, you may add instructors to your account. When you add an instructor, a profile is created for the instructor if one does not already exist and the instructor is joined to your account in one step. You can read full guidance about how to add Instructors to an account by following this link.


Once you have added an instructor to your account, our system will send the instructor an email telling them they have been added to an account, with a temporary password if they have never used Turnitin before, or just a notification if they already have an account set up.

How do I access the class ID numbers and enrollment keys for my instructors' classes?


To access the enrollment information for your instructor's classes, please follow these steps:



Click the 'Instructors' tab on the Administrator Homepage.


 All instructors who are attached to your account are shown along with their class titles, Class IDs, and enrollment keys. Click on a class title to view usage statistics.

How do I change the name of my account?


To edit your account information, click on the gear icon and then click the Edit account settings link. Change your name by editing the Account name field. Once you've finished editing your account click the Submit button.


How do I change my username?


You can edit your user profile by access the User Info page of Turnitin. 



Select User Info, or click on your name, from the navigation bar




Make your desired changes and click Submit. Your username must be a valid email address.

How do I assign another administrator to take over my account?


To change the assigned administrator for an account, click on the gear icon and then click the Edit account settings linkEnter the new administrator's first name, last name, and email address into the relevant fields and then click Submit.



You will no longer have access to this account once it has been assigned to another user. 

Can I retrieve an instructor or student's login password?


In order to protect the privacy of our users, we do not give administrators access to the login passwords of their instructors or students. Password reset requests can be done directly on our website and our support team is always available should they run into any issues. 

Where can I find additional help?


We have extensive guidance for Administrators, Instructors, and Students available in a wide variety of languages


We also support our users with an interactive support wizard to help users get to the root of their problem as quickly as possible. 


If you are unable to find a solution to your problem our support team is available 24/7 365 days of the year, you can find the support form at the end of the support wizard. 





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