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Managing Classes and Students

Teachers can manage class and student information from the class roster page. 

Accessing Class Pages

You can access class pages by clicking the class name from your homepage .




Edit Class Information 

If you want to change the class information, click the gear icon or “Class Settings.” You will be redirected to the class information page. 





You can change the class name, time, grade, and subject.




Delete Class

To delete a class from Revision Assistant click the "Delete Class" button from the Class Page. 





Managing Student Information from the Class Roster

You can use the Revision Assistant roster, which is located on the Class Page, to check which students have enrolled and manage students' information and reset their password. 


Once a student has an account and has added your class using the Class Code, his or her name and account information will automatically appear on the class roster. You can look at details about each student by clicking on the gear to the right of the student’s name. This will open the student’s profile. You can access all of a student’s submissions and the account information in this view.


Click the gear icon to edit student information.





You can reset student password from the student information page. 





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