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Managing Assignments


Once you create an assignment, a tile will be created on your homepage automatically. You can access the assignment itself and edit the assignment from your homepage. 

Editing Assignment Information

You can edit assignment settings by clicking the gear icon at the bottom of the assignment title. 




From the Assignment Settings page you can edit the name and due date, close the assignment, or delete it in its entirety. 




You can access the Assignment by clicking the Assignment Name. 




From that tile, you can access the Assignment Page, where you can review the prompt, student work, or view the status of your students’ submissions.



Using the Side Menu 


The collapsible menu visible from the assignment will help you quickly navigate between assignment features. 

The side menu contains three features: Assignment, Student Progress, and Student Work.




Assignment View


Clicking Assignment from the side menu will bring you to the Assignment Page showing the prompt, prompt details, and specific instructions. 



Student Progress


The Student Progress page displays up-to-date information regarding students' submission status. Student who have joined the class and opened the assignment will be visible in the roster list. You can click on the green checkmark to jump to students' submitted essays. 


Student Work 


Clicking Student Work takes you to the library of both working and final drafts of essays.

You can navigate through submissions by clicking the arrows to the left and right of the displayed student name. 




Student messages will be displayed on the top of the page as well as the ability to respond. 


Downloading Reports

Download the Assignment Report


The Assignment Report allows you to see your students’ rubric-trait-level scores, and the class’ median and average scores on an assignment.  For more information about this report, please visit the Download the Assignment Report page.  

View the Class Report


The Class Report that allows you to see students’ rubric-trait scores, students’ overall scores, and class averages on assignments completed by that class for a particular prompt genre.   For more information about this report, please visit the View the Class Report page.  




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