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Accessing Archived Classes

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Revision Assistant starts you off with a clean slate of new classes for each new school year. This means that all your class assignments and progress data from the previous school year have been moved to the Archived Classes page. If you'd like to access your previous assignments and data though, follow the steps below.



  1. Log into Revision Assistant.
  2. On your homepage, click the briefcase icon at the top right.
    This will take you to the Archived Classes page.

  3. Use the dropdown menu to choose the school year you'd like to view.
  4. Then, scroll to find the class you'd like to revisit.
  5. Select the assignment you'd like to view from that class.
    This will take you to the Student Progress page for that assignment.
  6. Stay on the Student Progress page to...
    • Select a student's name to see their work
    • Download a student's submitted or latest drafts
    • Download the Assignment Report
    • Download the Class Report
  7.  Select Student Work in the side panel to...
    • See viewable, scored submitted or latest drafts
    • See any prewriting for submitted or latest drafts






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