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Creating a Class



Note: To learn how to create a Revision Assistant class, watch the quick video below or continue reading.



You can start creating classes for your students as soon as you create an account


If your account administrator has assigned you to multiple schools, click here


If you need to have create classes at multiple schools, ask your district's Revision Assistant account administrator to request additional schools via the "Submit a Ticket" function in the Help Center.

Create a Class

To create a class:


  1. When logging in for the first time, Revision Assistant will automatically prompt you to create a class. Click “Create a Class.”



  1. Fill in the class' name, grade, subject, and any other information you'd like to include and click Continue. 



  1. You are now on the Class Creation Success page. The class code is displayed here as well the class page. Share the class code with your students any way you like. They will use it to join the class after they create their account. 



Clicking Create Another Class will bring you to the Create a New Class page. 


  1. Clicking Go to Class will take you to the Class' Student Roster page. 



The class code will remain the same throughout the existence of the class. Revision Assistant will also automatically add each of your students to the class roster. 


  1.  Click the Home button, in the top right-hand corner, to return to your homepage. 




  1. You have created a class and are ready to Create an Assignment



  1. Once you've created your first class, you can always create more from your homepage by clicking the Create a Class button near the header. 






Note: Remember to share your class code with your students so they can join your class and start working!



Multiple School Account

If you have a multi-school account, click the dropdown box under "School" to select the location of the class.



Click here to learn how to Create and Assignment

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