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Creating Your Account with Google Sign-On

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There are multiple ways to create Revision Assistant teacher accounts like yours. Most of the ways involve your Revision Assistant school or district administrator making one for you. The easiest and fastest way though is for you to create your account yourself by using Google Sign-On the first time you log in. Follow the simple steps below for how to do it.



Note: This option only works if your school uses Gsuite for their school emails. 


To activate Google sign-on for a school or district, ask your admin to contact your Customer Success Consultant or you can Submit a Ticket so our team can do some quick magic behind the scenes. 




  1. Make sure you have your district code from your Revision Assistant school or district admin. 
    If you don't have it, ask your admin to email you the district code from Revision Assistant.
  2. Navigate to
  3. Click the Sign in with Google option. AllUsers_AllAssignTypes_GoogleSSO_SignInButton.png
  4. If prompted, enter your school email address and password.

  5. Some Google accounts will already know you're a teacher. Others will not. 
    If prompted, choose the teacher role.

  6. Enter your district code.

  7. Click Next.


  8. If they aren't displayed on screen already, select your school(s) from the dropdown menu.

  9. When you're finished, select Done Joining Schools.

  10. When prompted, fill in what you'd like students to call you. Remember, they will see this name!

  11. Read and agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

  12. Click Create My Account.

    Ta-da! Your account has been created.
    For the student guide, see Creating Your Account with Google Sign-On (for students).




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