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Viewing Student Demo Accounts


Wonder what Revision Assistant looks like for your students? Want an easy way to walk your students through using this product? You're in luck. Every time a teacher creates a new class in Revision Assistant, a demo student account with the teacher's name will be added to the class. Keep reading to understand the basics and how to access your student demo account. 






Student Demo Accounts: Helpful Hints


Questions Answers
How do I create a student demo account? You don't! Every time a teacher creates a class, a demo student account will be automatically created and enrolled in the class too.
How do I access my student demo account?

See the next section for images and easy directions.

What capabilities will I have with this demo account? All the same capabilities as regular student accounts
Will demo accounts show up in my reports? Nope! All activity done as a demo student will be excluded from your assignment, class, and administrator reports.
What's a good way to use a demo account?

Use this feature to do a variety of things such as...

  • walking yourself through an essay as a student
  • demonstrating Revision Assistant for your classes
  • troubleshooting issues that might come up for students



Switch to Student View




Note: Remember, your student demo account is created automatically when you create a class.
As long as you have created a class, you will be able to switch to Student View.



  1. Log into Revision Assistant with your teacher credentials.
  2. Locate the "Welcome [Your Name]!" header bar at the top of your screen.
  3. Click on the down arrow in the header.
    A series of user type views with drop down.

  4. Select Student View from the dropdown.
    This will take you to the homepage for your demo student.
  5. On your student demo homepage, you will see any assignments you created for this class as a teacher.
  6. Feel free to click on an assignment and start interacting with Revision Assistant as a student!
    See Exemplar Essays for sample essays of certain prompts that you can paste into the Writing Space.
    See the student help guides for help navigating, formatting, and turning in your essay.


  1. To switch back to Teacher View, just click the down arrow in the header again.
  2. Select Teacher View from the dropdown.
    You will be taken back to your teacher homepage view.


Note: You can switch between Student View and Teacher View at any point while using Revision
Assistant. You will always be directed to the homepage view for that user type. 




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