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Navigating the Homepage

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Your Homepage

Now that you are enrolled in a class, it’s time to look at an assignment from your teacher! Your homepage serves as your personal library, where you can see all of the assignments your teachers have sent you in Revision Assistant. Assignments are ordered by class. Each assignment is represented by a tile that has the name of the assignment on it. Assignments are ordered by due date. You may also use the filters next to the class name to sort your assignment tiles. This image shows you what a student homepage with assignments assignments for multiple classes looks like. 





You can filter what assignments you see by using the drop down menus to the right of the class name. 





Click on the assignment name to begin working on an assignment. 







At any point in time, you can click the home button in the top right-hand corner to go back to your homepage. 




You can also click the '?' button to go to the Revision Assistant Student Help Website. 




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