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Creating Your Account with Google Sign-On

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If your school uses Gmail for all school emails, Revision Assistant can create your account for you the first time you log in and no extra steps are needed. Magic! Follow the steps below to create your account with Google sign-on.



  1. Before getting started, it's helpful to have your class code from your teacher. 
    You won't need it to create your account, but you will need it soon to join your class.
  2. Navigate to
  3. Click the Sign in with Google option. AllUsers_AllAssignTypes_GoogleSSO_SignInButton.png
  4. If prompted, enter your school username or school email address and password.

  5. Some Google accounts will tell Revision Assistant that you're a student. Others will not. 
    So, if the screen pictured below shows up, choose the student role.

  6. Agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. It's boring but important!

  7. Click Next. This will take you to your homepage in Revision Assistant.

  8. If your teacher already gave you a class code, enter it where it says "Class Code" and click the plus sign.
    If you don't have your class code yet, ask your teacher to share it so you can join your class

    Nice! Your account has been created. Check the student guides section for more tips and tricks!





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