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Using the Highlighter


Revision Assistant prompts are meant to stretch your brain and build your skills, so they can be a little tricky. Also, some prompts have extra sources provided (such as articles, poems, videos etc.) that you will have to analyze to write to the prompt. To help you analyze the prompt and any sources, you can highlight important sections. Follow the steps below to see how.






  1. Drag your cursor over the section you want to highlight in the prompt or sources.

  2. When you release the cursor, a menu will pop-up.

  3. Select Highlight.


Removing Highlights


  1. Click the highlighted section.

  2. When you release the cursor, a menu will pop-up again.

  3. Select Remove Highlight.




Note: Only you can see your highlights, not your teacher! This feature is just for you.
Also, you won't lose your highlights if you refresh the page or exit the assignment. 


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