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Writing Your Essay

Writing your essays in Revision Assistant is easy!  And on a Signal Check assignment, you can ask for ways to improve your writing (or as we call it a "Signal Check") from Revision Assistant as often as you'd like during your assignment.  Click the links below or keep reading for tips for writing your essay and requesting feedback on your Signal Check assignment.   






Using the Writing Space


  1. Click on the Start Writing button at the top of the page under the assignment name or after the prompt. 
    The Writing Space will appear. 


  2. Add a title to your essay in the special "title" section above the main writing area. 
    You may change the title at any time. 
  3. Start typing your essay the way you normally would with any other writing software.  It's that simple!
  4. Use the formatting bar at the bottom of the Writing Space to...
    • Bold, underline, or italicize
    • Save (Revision Assistant automatically saves your essay every few seconds too).
    • Download your last saved draft  (Pssst!  You can download your essay and upload it into Feedback Studio).








Viewing Drafts


  1. Every time you click Signal Check, Revision Assistant saves a draft of your essay with all your feedback.
    You can view your previous drafts and feedback in one of these two ways:


    Scrolling down to your collapsed drafts


    1. Scroll down below your Writing Space.  
      You will see rectangles with Signal Check.  
      These are collapsed versions of your drafts. 
    2. Click the arrow next to each draft
      timestamp to expand the draft.

    Using the side menu


    1. Click the arrow in the side menu to expand it. 
      You will see a list of draft numbers.
    2. Click the number of the draft you'd like to see. 
      Your screen will jump to a rectangle with Signal Checks.
      This is a collapsed version of that draft.
    3. Click the arrow next to the draft
      timestamp to expand the draft. 


  2. You can go back to your Writing Space by scrolling up or clicking blue pencil icon in the side menu.



Getting Signal Checks


The special thing about Revision Assistant is that you can ask it for feedback on your essay while you’re writing it. Revision Assistant calls this feedback a Signal Check. You can use Signal Checks to help you revise and improve your essay before you turn it in to your teachers. You may ask Revision Assistant for help as often as you like. Just click the Signal Check button. For more on what Signal Checks are see What is a Signal Check?




For more on what to do when you are finished writing, check out Save Your Work and Turn In Your Essay.




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