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Higher Education

Welcome to the Higher Education Signal Check Prompt Library!  The prompts listed below could easily be incorporated into a higher education classroom.  To further illustrate how, we have also provided a table at the bottom of the page with the college-level course subjects each prompts pertains to.  All of the prompts listed on this page are also available to be assigned in Revision Assistant itself in the main Signal Checks module.  Click the links below to see each prompt and any of it's corresponding sources. 



Suggested Course Application


Prompts First Year Composition Developmental Writing Humanities/
Social Studies

Ad Me

Big Data    

Censorship in the Libraries

Frankenstein and Bill Nye    
The Horned Toad      
Last Child    
Letter to the Editor: Social Media  
Local and Global Powers      
Mediterranean Transformations      
Mistakes Were Made  
Owning the Self      
Question Everything  
A Raisin in the Sun  
The Role of the State      
A Story About Laughter      



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