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Revision Assistant Release Notes


The Revision Assistant team is committed to keeping our users as informed and involved with the product creation process as possible. In this light, we share these Release Notes with you.


Our Release Notes cover what we’re working on, things we’ve fixed, and known issues with potential workarounds. Please read these notes before reporting a bug via ticket or email.



November 02, 2017


New Content

New Crosswalks Added to the Curriculum Resources Page


Cue the crossing guard and stop that traffic. It’s time to use the Crosswalk(s).  We’ve added nine new Crosswalks to our Curriculum Resources page! For those of you who aren’t familiar with them, Crosswalks further illustrate how our Revision Assistant prompts align with a wide variety of curricula. These documents highlight the similarities between our genre rubrics and some of the most popular writing rubrics in the country, such as the Florida Standards Assessment (FSA) ELA Text-Based Writing Rubrics. Run; don’t walk to check out the following new documents in the Crosswalks section of our Curriculum Resources page:




October 27, 2017


New Content

New Social Studies Prompts Added to the Expansion Pack Prompt Library


Boring writing tasks are a thing of the past!  We’ve just released fourteen new prompts about history, geography, and politics into the Expansion Pack Prompt Library.  We also switched the genre from Informative to Analysis for the existing Women's Suffrage and Equal Rights prompt in Expansion Pack to better capture the demands of the writing task. You can use our (new!) Social Studies subject filter (See Release Notes for 10.18.2017) to find the following new and updated content:



New Feature

Prewriting Now Available on Expansion Pack Assignments


Along with releasing our new prompts, we’re thrilled to announce that Expansion Pack assignments now come with Prewriting! Like on Signal Check assignments, students can now use our Prewriting feature to map out their essays and send their thoughts to the Writing Space on Expansion Pack assignments too. Great writing begins with a great plan. Adding Prewriting to Expansion Pack prompts is one of the many ways the Revision Assistant team is striving to help all students produce truly great writing.



October 24, 2017


Updated Feature

Writing Space Formatting Buttons Now Available in a Fly-Out Menu


Like the plot of every 90s teen movie, we’ve given our formatting buttons a makeover. Students looking to add some pizzazz to their essays can now access the bold, italic, and underline features by selecting the "T" button in the toolbar at the bottom of their Writing Space. See the screenshots below for the before and after pictures of our formatting buttons. We hope you like our fly, new fly-out menu!









October 18, 2017


New Feature

Students Now Able to Tab in the Writing Space


          You asked. We listened. We are pleased to announce that students can now use the tab key to indent paragraphs in the Writing Space on all three assignment types (Signal Check, Spot Check, and Expansion Pack). And we didn't forget about our teachers! Teachers can now also tab while writing Special Instructions on assignments.



Subject Filter Now Available in the Prompt Libraries


          We don’t want to subject you to too much excitement in one day, but we’ve also added a subject filter in the Prompt Libraries! In addition to being able to search by grade and genre, teachers can now use our new filter to search for prompts that pertain to ELA, Science, and Social Studies. See the screenshot below for a closer look.




We hope you are filled with delight over these fantabulous new features!



October 16, 2017


New Content

New Prompts Added to the Expansion Pack Prompt Library


A new 25 and we're feelin' alive! We just released a whopping 25 new prompts into our Expansion Pack Prompt Library. For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, in Expansion Pack, students practice their skills and get to test out our never-before-seen prompts using our newest features. Though students won’t receive feedback or scores, this module provides high-quality content for engaging writing instruction and independent practice. You can now see the following new content in our Expansion Pack Prompt Library:



We hope you take our new 25 for a test drive.



September 28, 2017


New Content

Five New Prompts Added to the Signal Check Prompt Library


Goodbye, summer. Hello, new prompts. We’ve added five new prompts to our Signal Check Prompt Library! Curl up with a pumpkin spice latte and check them out:



New Exemplars Added to the Curriculum Resources Page


We have some exemplary news! We’ve added three new sets of Exemplars to our Curriculum Resources page. These sample essays, carefully crafted by our Curriculum Team, grant teachers further insight into how Revision Assistant is assessing student work.  Emerging (1), Developing (2), Proficient (3), and Advanced (4) Exemplar Essays can now be found on the Curriculum Resources page for the following prompts:    



We hope you enjoy all of our new content as much as we do!



August 31, 2017


New Feature

Administrators Are Now Able to Download a Revision Assistant Usage Report


We are thrilled to announce that our new Administrator Usage Report just went live! Available on the new Administrator Reports page in Revision Assistant, this report provides school and district administrators with a wealth of data on Revision Assistant usage in their school(s). The multi-tab, downloadable Excel can be used to figure out how many and how often teachers and students are using our Signal Check assignments, and (most excitingly!) it helps administrators gauge the impact these assignments are having on student writing.  Among other information, the report also offers a list of definitions and tips for interpreting each field of data.  


We admit it, admins: we’re celebrating this report with donuts in the Revision Assistant kitchen! While we can't offer you any of our baked goods, we encourage you to enjoy a pastry of your own while you peruse the View the Administrator Usage Report page in our guides section.




Updated Content

State Standards Have Been Added and Updated on Prompt Learning Standards Pages


Along with adding our new report, we’ve also pumped up the Learning Standards page for every prompt in our three libraries.  For the first time, you will now be able to see how our prompts align to the state learning standards from Florida, New Jersey, and Tennessee.  You can now also see the recently amended state standards for Oklahoma and Virginia. In case you're not sure where to find them, the Learning Standards for each prompt can be found by selecting the Learning Standards link in the right panel of each prompt page in Revision Assistant. We always want educators to be able to easily see how our prompts fit with the skills they are already working to build in their classroom.  Consistently updating our Learning Standards pages is one of the many ways we’re striving to do just that.




August 15, 2017


New Content

New Exemplars Added to the Curriculum Resources Page


We have some exemplary news!  We’ve doubled our cache of Exemplars by adding 11 new sets to our Curriculum Resources page. These sample essays, carefully crafted by our Curriculum Team, grant teachers further insight into how Revision Assistant is assessing student work.  Emerging (1), Developing (2), Proficient (3), and Advanced (4) Exemplar Essays can now be found on the Curriculum Resources page for the following prompts:    



We’re in 11th heaven over these 11 new Exemplars.  We hope you are too!



August 14, 2017


Updated Content

All Narrative Rubrics Have Been Updated


Once upon a time, the Revision Assistant teams gathered together, made 70 pots of coffee, and got to work crafting the most perfectly standards-aligned Narrative rubrics in the land.  Long story short, we gave our Narrative rubrics a major overhaul.  Among other changes, we updated the rubric traits and language to emphasize the importance of developing characters through dialogue, exposing the plot with well-paced events, and creating the setting with vivid descriptions. By revamping our rubric text and criteria, Revision Assistant is now able to give students more actionable feedback and scores that more closely align with what they’re already learning in class.


New Content

All Narrative Signal Check Prompts Added to the Spot Check Library


Here’s an exciting plot twist: not only did we update our Narrative rubrics, but we also added all 11 of our Narrative Signal Check prompts to the Spot Check Library! For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, Spot Check is a great way for teachers to see a quick snapshot of their students’ writing performance at any point in time.  In Spot Check, students write to one of our existing prompts without the guidance of Signal Check feedback.  Once work on the assignment is collected, teachers can view students’ automatic, numerical scores, which are based on our genre- and grade-specific rubrics.  You can now see the following Narrative prompts (with revamped rubrics!) in the Spot Check Prompt Library:



We hope you and the new Narrative additions to our libraries live happily ever after!



August 04, 2017



Revision Assistant Available Again Following Scheduled Maintenance


Revision Assistant is back from the spa and feeling refreshed! The site is up and running again following scheduled maintenance last night (see Release Notes from 08.02.2017).  Thanks for your patience while we spruced up the system before the start of the new school year.



New Feature

Classes from the 2016-2017 School Year Have Been Auto-Archived


We decided against giving Revision Assistant a mud bath, but, during our scheduled maintenance, we did implement an auto-archiving feature. This means that all classes and corresponding assignments from the 2016-2017 school year have been moved to our new Class Archives page.  By clicking the briefcase icon at the top of their homepage, teachers can access this new Class Archives page complete with the read-only versions of their classes’ assignments and progress data from the previous school year. To ensure that teachers access the latest version of prompts and most accurate reporting, it's best practice to start with a clean slate of new classes for the new school year. We hope this new auto-archiving feature will help do just that.  Please see the screenshot below for a closer look at this new feature.




August 02, 2017



Revision Assistant Will Be Unavailable from August 3 to August 4


Time for a seaweed wrap and a Swedish massage!  We’re giving Revision Assistant a spa treatment for the night.  Due to scheduled maintenance, Revision Assistant will be unavailable from the night of August 3 to the morning of August 4.  See the list below for what time this will occur in your area of the country.  We appreciate your patience while we pamper our product before the start of the new school year.  We’ll let you know when Revision Assistant is back in action.    


  • Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) - 4:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m.

  • Mountain Daylight Time (MDT) - 5:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m.

  • Central Daylight Time (CDT) - 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.

  • Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) - 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.




Gone from view, but not forgotten. Click here to see all of our Release Notes from previous school years.





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