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Release Notes Planning


March ##, 2018


Updated Feature

District Administrators Can Now Create Multiple Teacher Accounts


Grab your sweatbands and pump up the jams: it's time to bulk up(load) again with Revision Assistant. We're thrilled to announce that we've revamped our Create Multiple Accounts feature to make it easier and faster for district administrators to create multiple accounts for users, including multiple accounts for teachers! Below are some of the other key changes we made:


What section changed? How is it better?
Create Multiple Accounts page

Districts admins now have account creation and password options such as...

  • Giving all users the same login password
  • Adding student ID numbers
  • Specifying if users will have to change their password when they first log in
School Account Actions panel Panel now gives an overview of any account processing errors.
Spreadsheets with errors Accounts will now be created for any rows containing correct information.

Crank up "Eye of the Tiger" and check out our updated bulk upload feature today. 



March ##, 2018


New Feature

Students Now Able to Highlight Prompts and Sources on All Assignment Types


Allow us to take a moment to highlight our new feature: Revision Assistant now has a highlighter! Revision Assistant prompts and sources can get a little tricky, so we've implemented this new feature to help students analyze and annotate as they read. To access it, students simply drag and release their cursor over important sections in a prompt and sources and then select Highlight from the pop-up menu. Though they can't see what students have marked, teachers can add Special Instructions to an assignment asking students to highlight a prompt's purpose, pertinent source quotes, etc. using our new tool. For more information see Using the Highlighter in our student guides section. We hope this feature release is the highlight of your day.




March ##, 2018


Updated Feature

Two New Tabs Added and Data Collection Revamped for Administrator Usage Report 


We'll admit it, admins: we're pretty excited about the new additions to the Administrator Usage Report. For those who aren't familiar with it, the Administrator Usage Report helps school and district administrators figure out how many and how often schools are using our Signal Check assignments, and it helps administrators gauge the impact these assignments are having on student writing. Check out the table below to understand what features changed (and were added!) and how they will make they will make this report even more useful for Revision Assistant administrators. 


Report Feature What changed? How is it better?
Teacher Usage tab Nothing yet. It's new!


Class Usage tab Nothing yet. It's new!  
Downloading the report Our developers added magic code. The report downloads waaaaay faster!

Average Change in Signal Check and Percent (%) with Increased Signal Check Scores

Clicking the Turn In button now counts toward the number of Signal Checks  
No. of Active Teachers and
No. of Active Students

Teachers and students will no longer count as active if they only launch the library (teachers) or launch an assignment that doesn't have a prompt assigned yet (students). 

Now, we will more accurately be able to tell which teachers and students are truly using the product, rather than just launching it. 






Bugs in the initial release

  • Missing essays not counted towards metrics due to bad JOIN in the database query.

  • We were counting Spot Checks towards active assignments / students / teachers. It’s only Signal Checks.

  • We were counting school admins more than once at the aggregate (district) level if they adminned more than one school in the set.


Revised data points

  • A teacher will no longer count as active if he or she only launches the library. This also means we won’t count created assignments with no prompts as an active assignment.

    • TO DO

      • Revise definition tab

        • In “No. of Active Teachers”, remove “created an assignment”

      • Revise definitions in guides.

      • Update Table of Truth

  • A student will no longer count as active if he or she launches an assignment without a prompt.

  • How we are calculating Average Change in Signal Check Score.


How to answer key questions

  • Why is the Average Change in Signal Check Score (Range: 0 to 3) different?

    • Answer: We are counting more essays, which means metric may have changed depending on the students’ scores.

  • Why is the Percent (%) with Increased Signal Check Scores different?

    • Answer: We are counting more essays, which means metric may have gone down.



  • Reports will download faster

  • Addition of the Teacher and Class tabs. This is only for the main teacher, not co-teachers.

    • NOTE ‘main teacher’ is the first identity to have an instructor membership for the class in question, whether or not they are still active.

    • TO DO

      • Define No. of Active Classes and add to Definitions tab

        • This is the number of classes in which there were active students.

        • How to Use: Identify Your All-Stars. The teacher tab helps you identify which teachers are using Revision Assistant. Looking at this metric as well the number of active assignments will give you a quick snapshot of which teachers are using Revision Assistant.

      • Define Class ID and add to Definitions tab

        • This is the unique class identifier assigned by Revision Assistant.

        • How To Use: Better Conversations. Teachers sometimes teach the same subject or name their classes in similar ways. This identifier will help you and your teachers clearly communicate about how they are using Revision Assistant in each class. Having this identifier is important because the class tab will show all of the classes a teacher created, not just the active ones.

      • Update Table of Truth

      • Update documentation (but this can lag behind the release).




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