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Winter Rubric Update 2017

On January 6, 2017, many of the prompts in Revision Assistant’s library were updated to include improved, differentiated rubrics. More specifically we revised all grade-level rubrics for Informative and Argumentative prompts, and changed a handful of prompt from Argumentative and Informative to Analysis.  All teachers have access to these improvements through the library when creating new assignments, and the feedback students receive has been updated to reflect these changes.  Please continue reading for more information on these changes and how they will affect you.  



Which prompts are changing to Analysis?

Five of the prompts in Revision Assistant’s library were updated to use the Analysis rubrics. This change will result in students getting targeted feedback to help them write textual analysis. Click the links below to review each new rubric:

From Argumentative

From Informative


How will the changes to the rubrics impact the assignments I currently have open?

These changes will not have any effect on the assignments you currently have open with your students. They will access the same rubric as they do now and will receive Signal Checks on those traits. The comments will remain the same. 


How will the changes to the rubrics impact new assignments I create?

Starting on January 6, new assignments will automatically contain updated rubrics, trait names, and feedback. You do not have to do anything outside of your normal process for creating an assignment. 


What kinds of changes will I see after these updates?

Some trait names on the Informative and Argumentative rubrics will be slightly different. For instance, Informative prompts now focus on skills around “development” rather than “evidence.” This means that students will get targeted feedback on how to properly explain the idea or theme of their essay without specifically being presented with information about research or outside evidence. The needs of the Informative genre will now be more clearly distinct from those of the Argumentative genre.


How will this impact how I compare Signal Checks across assignments?

These rubrics focus even more on differentiating writing skills into unique traits. Scores for assignments created after the update will reflect that greater differentiation. The trait names also differ slightly, but you can still compare scores across assignments. The Class Reports feature, coming in January 2017, will help with this comparison by pairing similar traits across rubrics within each genre. 


When will these changes take place in Revision Assistant?

Updated rubrics and changes to genres will be available January 6, 2017.



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