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Expansion Pack for Students


Welcome to the Expansion Pack guide for students!  Though you will not be scored or receive Signal Checks on your work, in the Expansion Pack, you will practice your writing on our never-before-seen prompts and get to be the first to try out our newly created features.  Click the links below to take you to a specific section or keep reading to learn more about how to use the Expansion Pack.  Now, channel your inner Virginia Woolf, and let’s start writing!  



Starting an Assignment


Note: If you haven’t already joined your class in Revision Assistant, see Add a Class first!



  1. When your teacher says the assignment is set up, log in to Revision Assistant.

  2. On your homepage, find the Expansion Pack assignment you want to start.
    Expansion Pack assignments have a blue-green border at the top.

  3. If your teacher listed a due date, it will be shown on the assignment tile.
    Make sure to write down the due date!

  4. Click on the name of the Expansion Pack assignment.
    This will bring you to the Assignment Page with the prompt and any sources.

  5. Just like Signal Check assignments, if the prompt has source documents, they will be shown below the prompt.  
    Click the circled numbers shown below the prompt to read each source.


  6. Read the prompt and any sources carefully!

  7. When you’re ready, click the Start Writing button to write your essay.

  8. Type your essay like you would a normal Revision Assistant assignment.
    However, in Expansion Pack, your essay won’t have highlights or helpful comments.





Viewing Drafts


  1. Click the Save icon or the Save Draft button in your writing space.
    This will save your work and create a new draft.
  1. Like in a Signal Check Assignment, each time you save, a new circled number appears in the Side Menu.
    These circled numbers show you how many drafts you’ve completed.

  2. Click the arrow tab in the Side Menu to expand it.
    The expanded Side Menu will show you the day and time you saved each draft.

  3. To see your previous drafts, click each circled number.
    Your screen will jump to that draft.

  4. To return to your Writing Space after viewing a previous draft you can do one of the following:
    1. Click the pencil icon in the Side Menu  OR
    2. Scroll up the screen until you see the Save Draft and Turn In buttons




Turning in an Assignment


  1. When you’re done working, review your work.

  2. Click the Turn In button to submit your essay to your teacher.
    Even after submitting your essay,  you can turn in drafts until the assignment is closed!

  3. You will receive a notification once the teacher has closed the assignment.

  4. Once the assignment has ended, you won’t be able to keep working or turn in any more drafts.
    However, you are able to review your submitted essay and your saved drafts.

    Way to go!  Your writing skills have been expanded and you’re done with your Expansion Pack assignment. 




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