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Spot Check Assignments for Teachers

Creating a Spot Check Assignment


Creating a Spot Check assignment is very similar to creating a Signal Check assignment.


Spot Check assignments must be created and then started before students can begin working.

For information on how to Start a Spot Check assignment, click here.

To create a Spot Check assignment, click ‘Create an Assignment’ within a class.





Choose Assignment Type.


From the Create a New Assignment page, type in an assignment name, and then select Spot Check.




Select prompt.


Select the desired prompt from the Spotlight Prompt Library.




Like a Signal Check assignment, Spot Check assignments allow the instructor to view prompt details in addition to the Assignment Type description for Spot Check.




After clicking on the Create Assignment button, click ‘Continue’ to confirm assignment creation.




Click View Assignment to go back to the assignment page.




You have successfully created a Spot Check assignment.  


To learn how to start the assignment and have your students begin their work, visit the Managing Spot Check Assignments section.


Spot Check assignments will be visible from your homepage like any other assignment. Spot Check assignments can easily be distinguished from Signal Check assignments, as the assignment tiles are purple, whereas Signal Check assignments are blue.




Managing Spot Check Assignments

Assignment Tile Labels

Label Description
Not Started The teacher has created the Spot Check assignment, but has not clicked on "Start Spot Check". 
In Progress

The Spot Check assignment is currently in progress. 

Work Collected The teacher has clicked the "Collect Student Work" button. Students' work is paused. 
Closed The teacher has closed the assignment. Students cannot continuing working or submit essays. 

Starting Spot Check Assignments

To start a Spot Check assignment, click the desired assignment from your homepage.   




This will bring you to the assignment page.


Under the prompt information in the right-hand column, click the ‘Start Spot Check’ button.   





Once confirmed, the Spot Check assignment will be available for students.



Collecting Student Work


Instructors can stop the test by clicking on the 'Collect Student Work' button. Once clicked, the system will automatically turn in a student's essay if he or she has not already turned it in themselves. Students will now not be able to continue working on the assignment. RA will automatically collect and score all students’ essays up to that point. The test can be resumed at the instructor’s discretion once all work is collected. Revision Assistant will automatically collect and score all students’ essays up to that point. The assignment can be resumed at the instructor’s discretion once all work is collected.


To Collect Student Work, click the ‘Collect Student Work’ button from the assignment page.




After clicking on ‘Collect Student Work,” click Continue to confirm.





Student submissions are displayed and available from the Student Progress page. To review a student’s work, click on the student’s name in the list.


To review student work for Spot Check assignments, click here.  


Resuming Spot Check Assignments


After collecting student work, instructors can, if desired, resume a Spot Check assignment.

Resuming a Spot Check assignment allows students to continue writing.


To resume a Spot Check assignment, click ‘Resume Spot Check’ button located on the assignment page.





Once confirmed, the Spot Check assignment will be available for students.


Reviewing Student Work - Spot Check


Reviewing Spot Check submissions is similar to reviewing student work for a Signal Check assignment.


After collecting student work, the Spot Check assignment page will populate a status bar, counting student submissions, as well as a list of all students who have (or have not) turned in their assignment. Instructors can also download student essays individually and in bulk.


For more information on Revision Assistant’s validators, click here.


Instructors can view student work and scores by clicking the desired name from the student roster or by clicking the Student Progress tab.


Student Work Page 


The Student Work page displays a message window, for sending in-system messages to students, the essay’s scores, and a timestamped copy of the student’s essay.

The most recently collected or turned-in work will display for each student.


Submissions receiving the ‘Needs Review’ status will display follow-up information explaining the need for further review on the individual student work pages.




Students can receive three different status messages:


Title Definition 


The content of this essay looked off topic, so Revision Assistant could not score it. Please review. 
Too similar to source.  This essay was too similar to the assignment text, so Revision Assistant did not score it. 
Too short.  This essay was too short for Revision Assistant to score. 


For more information on Revision Assistant’s validators, click here.


You can navigate between student submissions by clicking the arrows to the left and right of the student name in the header.




Closing Spot Check Assignments


Closing a Spot Check assignment prevents students from continuing to work on or turn in their essays. Only Spot Check assignments that have not started or work has been collected can be closed. Once closed, a Spot Check assignment will be in ‘read-only’ mode for the student.


To close a Spot Check assignment, find the assignment tile on the homepage, and click on the gear settings icon.




From the assignment settings page, click the ‘Close Assignment’ button and confirm.




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