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What is Spotlight?

Spotlight is a free system in Revision Assistant that teachers can request to use along with or instead of the Signal Checks system.  Spotlight is a great way for teachers to see a quick snapshot of their students’ writing performance at any point in time.  Below is more information on how Spotlight works and the benefits of using this system.



How Does Spotlight Work?


Generally speaking, in Spotlight, students write to a prompt without the guidance of Signal Check feedback.  Once work on the assignment (called a Spot Check Assignment) is collected, teachers can view each student’s numerical score according to the rubric. For specific instructions on using Spotlight, see the following sections:





How Do I Get Spotlight at My School?


Spotlight is a free additional Revision Assistant feature that schools can request.  Please be sure to contact your Revision Assistant sales representative or your Customer Success Consultant (CSC) if you would like to step into the spotlight and use Spotlight at your school!

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