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Understanding Account Types


There are three types of administrator accounts for Revision Assistant.

  1. District
  2. Multi-school
  3. Single-school


All account types have the ability to create individual student and teacher accounts.

Users will have access to different views and information depending on their account type.


If you have questions about what type of account you have or if you would like a administrator account, contact your Implementation Specialist. 


District Account


The district homepage displays the number of student licenses used and available, a license-use progress bar, and a list of schools registered with that district. 


Only student licenses count towards the license total.


The schools list contains links to the individual school’s homepage. School pages display the contract period and student and teacher account information for that school. 



District administrators can click on a school name to manage student and teacher accounts for that specific institution.

Multi-school Account

Multi-school accounts display a list of select registered schools and the number of student licenses used. A multi-school administrator’s account will have access to two or more schools in the district, but not necessarily every school. 


The schools list contains links to each individual school's' homepage. School pages display the contract period, and links to student and teacher account information for that school. 





Clicking a school name will allow users to review student and teacher accounts for that specific institution.

Single-school Account


Single-school accounts display the number of student licenses used, the contract period, and student and teacher account information for that school. 



Click an account type to review, create, or edit student and teacher accounts.

Multi-Role Accounts

Users that are both an administrator and a teacher may toggle between account types by clicking the arrow in the header by their name.


Sign-in at and use the downward arrow under your name in the header. 



This will open the toggle menu between both accounts. Click either listing to view that account type. 





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