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Letting Teachers and Students Create Their Accounts with Google Sign-On

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There are multiple ways to create student and teacher accounts in Revision Assistant. 


  • Option 1: Students and teachers create their own accounts.
  • Option 2: You create accounts in bulk with the Create Multiple Accounts feature.
  • Option 3: You create accounts in bulk by roster syncing.
  • Option 4: You create accounts one at a time. 


On this page, you'll learn how to help students and teachers create their accounts with Google Sign-On (Option 1).


Note: This option only works if a school or district uses Gsuite for their school emails. 





  1. To activate Google sign-on for a school or district, you must do one of the following first:
  2. After our team lets you know that your Google sign-on is active, log into Revision Assistant.
  3. Next, find the district code to send to all your teachers.
    To find your district code, follow the steps below based on the type of Revision Assistant account you have.

    Admin Account   Admin & Teacher Account  
    1. As soon as you log in, your district
      code will be in the middle-left panel.
    1. Click the down arrow in your "Welcome!"
      heading to reveal a dropdown with user types.
    2. Select Administrator from the dropdown.
      This will take you to your Administrator page.
    3. Your district code will be in the middle-left panel.
  4. Click the envelope icon next to your district code.
    This will access your email and bring up a message with the code and instructions for teachers.

  5. In the "To:" line, add the school address of any teacher who needs to create a Revision Assistant account.
  6. Add any additional instructions you want in the message.
  7. Then, click Send. Teachers should receive the email with the district code momentarily.
    Note: Make sure that only administrators and teachers see your district code. If a student
    accidentally gets it, be sure to generate and email out a new code using the Need a new code? link. 

    That's it! Now, be sure to see what the process looks like for teachers and students too.




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