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Creating Multiple Student and Teacher Accounts by Roster Syncing


There are multiple ways to create student and teacher accounts in Revision Assistant. 


  • Option 1: Students and teachers create their own accounts.
  • Option 2: You create accounts in bulk with the Create Multiple Accounts feature.
  • Option 3: You create accounts in bulk by roster syncing.
  • Option 4: You create accounts one at a time. 


On this page, you'll learn about creating multiple accounts with a roster sync (Option 3). However, this option can be tricky and you will need access to your school's electronic student roster or the student information system (SIS).


To create accounts with a roster sync, first download the guide to the right and pass it along to the resident IT guru at your school to see if this is the option you'd like to use. You can find general info about the process below.

Revision Assistant_ SFTP Roster Sync Instructions.jpg

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Understanding Roster Syncing


If you would like to mass create your teacher or student Revision Assistant accounts, we can sync your electronic roster or SIS with our system to do that. The preliminary information we'll need and the general steps are below:


Info You’ll Get


When we set up your SFTP account and we’ll also ask that you upload your files into a directory named transfer/ so it’s easy to distinguish old files from new ones. We'll give you the following:

  • A hostname – the name of the SFTP server (

  • A login name – a unique identifier for your account

  • A password – a password so you can login to the SFTP server


Info We'll Need


Overall, here’s the information we need from you:

  • Are you going to sync students and teachers in separate files or just students?

  • What will the name of each file be? For example, students.csv for students, teachers.csv for teachers

  • How will you label the necessary fields?

  • Some configuration options to tell us how to respond to certain conditions.


General Steps


Once we've exchanged the information above, the process will go something like this...


  1. Export a CSV file of students and/or teachers who are eligible to use Revision Assistant.

  2. Connect to a Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) server.

  3. Put each file into a particular directory.

  4. Then, we’ll check for new files on a regular basis.  

  5. For each file you send us, we’ll sync the accounts to Revision Assistant.  




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