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Managing Individual Accounts

Aside from creating new accounts, administrators can also edit account information and reset passwords. 



To begin managing individual accounts, select the school where the accounts belong. 

District and multi-school administrator accounts will need to select a specific school before managing student or teacher accounts.



After selecting a school from the schools list, select either the student or teacher account type by clicking the appropriate link (from the tile or the navigation column on the right). 



Account Navigation 


Accounts are ordered alphabetically by last name.



Navigate pages by entering a page number or using the arrow buttons to the left and right of the page number.

Single arrow: navigates one page at a time

Double arrow: navigates to the first or last page



The search bar can search through an entire school’s worth of login credentials at one time by typing a student or teacher’s first name, last name, username, or email (excluding the text after the "@"). 



Edit Existing Accounts

To edit accounts, start by selecting the account type from a school’s homepage.


Select the account type from the navigation column;



From the list, click the name or gear icon to edit that account.



Edit Account Information

Click Edit to update a user's name and sign-in information. 

This includes changing a user’s sign-in information from email to username or the opposite.



Click Save Changes to confirm your edits.


Reset Passwords

Administrators may reset passwords and edit account information. 




Click Reset Password to change a user's password. 



Click Save Changes to complete you edit. 

Removing an Account

To remove an existing account, click the "X" under the Remove column.




Confirm the removal and the account will be removed from that school. 




Move a Student to a New School 


A district or multi-school administrator can move a student to another school (within the same district) by creating a new account for that student under the new school.


To add him or her to the new school, follow the process of creating a new individual account for that student as outlined in the Create Individual Account section


After entering the student information, confirm the new account creation by clicking 'Continue'.




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