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Revision Assistant Overview

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Revision Assistant is built on the well-established premise that students improve their writing by getting feedback early and often in the writing process so that they can confidently revise their work. When managing large classes and meeting the requirements of standards requiring ever more writing, teachers can find it challenging to provide all of the feedback they would like on students’ drafts--especially on lower stakes writing that focuses on specific skills. Revision Assistant draws on state-of-the-art machine learning to provide students with on-demand feedback throughout their writing process. Revision Assistant analyzes writing according to grade-specific rubrics and provides feedback about how the writer can improve. With immediate help, students can revise their work independently, and teachers can have more time for targeted conferences with students on the topics with which they are struggling.


Revision Assistant feedback is prompt-based. You may assign prompts from the library to your students in-system. The library includes expository, persuasive, and narrative prompts that align to Common Core and many state standards.

Revision Assistant provides formative feedback in the form of a “Signal Check”. When a student wants feedback, they click the Signal Check button. Revision Assistant will provide holistic, rubric-based scores and targeted, formative feedback on specific sentences at any point during the revision process. Students can request Signal Checks whenever they want, as often as they want. Revision Assistant only provides feedback on the writing, not spelling or grammar, allowing the students to focus on refining their ideas and language. For more information on Signal Checks, please check out What is a Signal Check?

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