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Interpreting Signal Check Feedback


Revision Assistant gives students formative feedback on their writing based on our grade and genre-specific rubrics. We call this feedback a “Signal Check.” Revision Assistant identifies strengths and weaknesses in students’ writing and provides guidance on how to improve based on the students’ work. Students can request Signal Checks as often as they like.  Keep reading to learn more about how students request Signal Checks and the kinds of feedback they will receive. 





Requesting a Signal Check


To get Signal Check feedback, a student must be in an active Signal Check assignment sent to them by a teacher. Once a student has written around a paragraph, they can click the Signal Check button at the bottom of their writing space.  When a student hits the Signal Check button, they will instantly receive two types of feedback to help them improve their essay: holistic feedback and sentence-level feedback.




Viewing Students' Signal Checks 


As a teacher, you have access to all of your students’ Signal Checks and drafts. For more information about viewing student work including the Signal Checks and feedback they have received, check out Viewing Student Submissions.



Understanding Signal Check Ratings

Understanding Signal Check Highlighting & Comments

Receiving Special Kinds of Feedback


There are certain things Revision Assistant cannot evaluate. If a student requests a Signal Check and receives a pop-up message, it just means that the student needs to keep working on the essay before Revision Assistant can give feedback. There are a few situations where this might happen.

  1. The essay is too short. Revision Assistant wants to help, but it needs to have at least a few sentences of the student’s thoughts before it can provide useful feedback. It’s better not to ask for a Signal Check until writing several sentences or a full paragraph.

  2. The essay is off-topic. Revision Assistant can only help students when they have written something relevant to the essay prompt. For even more information on how to help students avoid this type of feedback, see Understanding Off-Topic Notifications.

  3. The essay looks a lot like the assignment. Sometimes students use too many quotes from the readings or too much of the prompt in an answer. Revision Assistant will ask students in these situations to rephrase ideas in their own words before providing feedback.



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