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Creating Assignments

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  1. Launch Revision Assistant from your Learning Management System (LMS). 
    Depending on your settings, Revision Assistant may launch in your current window or open in a new one.
  2. The first time you use Revision Assistant, you will enter your first and last name, what your students call you, 
    and agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Then, you will be directed to prompt library page. 

  3. On the prompt library page, you will see a tab for each type of Revision Assistant assignment:
  4. Click each tab to see the available prompts for that assignment type.
  5. Click the question marks on the tabs to learn about the features each assignment type offers.
  6. To help you find a prompt more quickly...
    1. Use the grade, subject, genre, and source filters (top of the library page)
    2. Read the short description displayed on each square prompt tile

  7. Click each prompt tile to see the prompt page, which contains...
    • The prompt and any sources students will need to review to write to that prompt

    • A downloadable Rubric PDF for how student writing will be scored

    • A downloadable Assignment PDF of the prompt and sources

    • A link to the Learning Standards related to that prompt


  8. When you find a prompt you'd like to assign, add special instructions to students on the prompt page (optional).

  9. Then, click the Select Prompt button (top right). A Create New Assignment page will come up.

  10. Change the name of the assignment (optional). It will be auto-filled with the prompt name.

  11. Assign a due date (optional).

  12. Click Create Assignment.

  13. Success page will come up when your assignment has been created.

    Note: Remember, if you assigned a Spot Check prompt, you will still need to
    click the Start Spot Check button for students to be able to write to the prompt.



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