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Accessing Archived Classes

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Revision Assistant starts you off with a clean slate of new classes for each new school year. This means that all your class assignments and progress data from the previous school year have been archived, but are still viewable. If you'd like to access your previous assignments and data though through your Learning Management System (LMS), follow the steps below.


  1. At the beginning of a new school year, navigate to Revision Assistant assignments in your LMS.
    If the assignment was from the previous school year, it will now have the word "Archived" after the title.
  2. Click on the assignment title. You'll be taken to a page of quick facts that include...
    • A Class Reports page link
    • An ID number for your archived class
    • A Submit a Ticket link
  3. To see students' scores on the archived assignment, click the Class Reports link.
  4. To see the assignment itself (prompt page, sources, etc.), click Submit a Ticket to contact our support team.
    In your support ticket, please be sure to provide the archived class ID number shown on your screen.
    A member of our support team will reach out to you soon to help you access your archived assignment.



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