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Quick Start Guide

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Welcome to Revision Assistant! Revision Assistant helps you improve your writing by providing instant feedback, called a Signal Check, on your drafts and helping guide how you revise your work. It can also help you come up with questions about how to improve your writing for your teachers or friends because you can show them the feedback Revision Assistant gave you first.


Just follow these steps to get started, and you will be on your way!



  1. Login to your class page. This is usually a website given to you by your teacher.  You will need a username (maybe an email address) and a password. You can ask your teacher for help with this. 
  2. Your teacher should have assigned a prompt to your course page. Following this link will automatically bring you to your writing space.
  3. Start writing. Revision Assistant will show you the essay question, any related source, and a prewriting space. After reading the assignment, click the “Start Writing” button. Revision Assistant will automatically save your work as you write.

  4. Get feedback. Curious how you are doing? You can get feedback as often as you want from Revision Assistant. Just click the “Signal Check” button.

  5. Turn in your work. Once you finish your assignments, you should click the “Turn In” button. You can even add a message for your teacher about your work.
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