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Write Your Essay and Get Signal Checks

Using the Writing Space

  1. When you’re ready to start writing, click on “Start Writing,” either at the top of the page under the assignment name or after the essay question. The Writing Space will appear.



Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 10.50.21 AM.png



  1. You should use this the way you would any writing software. Type your essay, add formatting if you want to, and save it. Revision Assistant automatically saves your essay every few seconds, too. There is a special area above the main writing area for you to write the title of your essay. You may change the title at any time. 



Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 11.15.37 AM.png


Using the Side Menu

The side menu will help you navigate your assignment quickly and will help you see your whole writing process in one place. To access the side menu, click the sideways arrow under the essay name banner.



Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 11.27.32 AM.png



Viewing Drafts

As you create new drafts, the Side Menu will change. It will list all of your drafts. Expand the Drafts list by clicking on it. Then select a draft by clicking it, and the screen will jump to it. You can go back to your writing space by clicking “Current Draft.”



Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 11.20.55 AM.png


Every time you click “Signal Check,” a draft of your essay gets saved, right above the area where you are writing. This version of your essay has all of your feedback, and Revision Assistant will keep it there for you. As you get more feedback, more drafts will appear above your writing space. You can scroll up to see all of your writing and feedback.


Getting Signal Checks

The special thing about Revision Assistant is that you can ask it for feedback on your essay while you’re writing it. Revision Assistant calls this feedback a Signal Check. You can use Signal Checks to help you revise and improve your essay before you turn it in to your teachers. You may ask Revision Assistant for help as often as you like. Just click the “Signal Check” button. For more on Signal Checks, see What is a Signal Check.

Special Kinds of Feedback

Revision Assistant is here to help you with your writing process. Unfortunately, there are certain things it cannot grade. If you click Signal Check and get a pop up message, it just means that you’ll need to keep working on the essay before Revision Assistant can give you feedback. There are a few situations where this might happen.

  1. The essay is too short. Revision Assistant wants to help, but it needs to have a sense of where you’re going, so it’s better not to ask for a Signal Check until you have written a few sentences or a full paragraph. It’ll let you know if it doesn’t have enough information.

  2. The essay is off topic. We get it! Sometimes your mind wanders and you end up writing about something totally different! Revision Assistant won’t be able to help you unless you’re answering the question in the prompt. So focus, and get back to answering your essay, and it’ll be there to help.

  3. The essay looks a lot like the prompt. If you use too many quotes from the readings or use too much of the prompt in your answer, Revision Assistant will ask you to rephrase your ideas in your own words before it can help you out.

Make sure to read the message that pops up, so that you know what steps to take next.


For more information about what to do when you are finished writing, check out Save Your Work and Turn In Your Essay.

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