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Assigning a Revision Assistant Prompt in Schoology

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Once you have Revision Assistant set up as an External Tool Provider, you can peruse and assign a Revision Assistant prompt.

To access the Revision Assistant from your Schoology course, add Revision Assistant  as an External Tool to your course by following the Schoology directions below:


From the courses page


  1. Click Add Materials


  1. Select Add File/Link/External Tool


  1. Select External Tool



  1. Enter the required information in the pop-out window.


Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 2.51.35 PM.png


  • Tool Provider—  using the dropdown menu, select what you named the Revision Assistant External Tool Provider

  • Title— name of your assignment

  • URL—

  • Consumer Key & Shared Secret— schoology - both of these fields should be prepopulated from setting up Revision Assistant as an External Tool Provider

  • Custom Parameters—  leave blank

  • Enable Grading— leave unchecked


  1. Click Submit. Your newly created tool will now be located on your course page.


Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 4.07.14 PM.png


  1. From your courses page, click your newly created tool. This will launch the Revision Assistant in either your Schoology screen or a new window depending on your settings. 


  1. On the very first use of Revision Assistant, you will need to enter your first and last name, what your students call you, and agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. 





Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 2.31.58 PM.png


  1. After filling out the user information, you will be directed to the "Create an Assignment" page. From the Assignment Creation Page, you can browse the essay prompts and filter the library of assignments by grade. You can also view the full library assignments here at the Prompt Library.



  1. Visit Create Assignments for detailed information on how to create and assign a prompt in Revision Assistant. 
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