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Expansion Pack Assignments for Teachers


Welcome to the Expansion Pack guide for teachers using a Learning Management System (LMS)! Though they will not be scored or receive Signal Checks on their work, in the Expansion Pack module, students practice their writing on our high-quality, never-before-seen prompts and get to be the first to try out our newly created features.  Click the links below to take you to a specific section or keep reading to learn how to use the Expansion Pack with your LMS.  





Creating an Assignment


  1. Launch Revision Assistant from your Learning Management System (LMS). 
    Depending on your settings, Revision Assistant may launch in your current window or open in a new one.
  2. The first time you use Revision Assistant, you will enter your first and last name, what your students call you, 
    and agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Then, you will be directed to prompt library page. 

  3. On the prompt library page, you will see a tab for each type of Revision Assistant assignment:
  4. Click the Expansion Pack tab to see the available prompts for that assignment type.
  5. Click the question mark on the tab to learn about the features this assignment type offers.
  6. To help you find a prompt more quickly...
    1. Use the grade, subject, genre, and source filters (top of the library page)
    2. Read the short description displayed on each square prompt tile

  7. Click each prompt tile to see the prompt page, which contains...
    • The prompt and any sources students will need to review to write to that prompt

    • A downloadable Rubric PDF for how student writing will be scored

    • A downloadable Assignment PDF of the prompt and sources

    • A link to the Learning Standards related to that prompt


  8. When you find a prompt you'd like to assign, add special instructions to students on the prompt page (optional).

  9. Then, click the Select Prompt button (top right). A Create New Assignment page will come up.

  10. Change the name of the assignment (optional). It will be auto-filled with the prompt name.

  11. Assign a due date (optional).

  12. Click Create Assignment.

  13. Success page will come up when your assignment has been created.




Closing an Assignment


  • Consult the help guides in your LMS for how to close an assignment. 
    All Revision Assistant assignments for LMS users can only be closed through the LMS itself.
  • Once an assignment is closed, students will still see their work, but cannot keep writing or submitting work.




Reviewing Student Work


  1. Click on the title of the assignment you'd like to view.
    This will bring you to the Assignment Overview page.

  2. From the Assignment Overview page, you can review student
    submissions by clicking one of these links in the sidebar:


Click Student Progress from an
Expansion Pack Assignment Page to find...


Click Student Work from an
Expansion Pack Assignment Page to find...

  • A list of students who turned in the assignment
  • Downloadable Current Drafts of submitted essays
  • Downloadable Current Drafts of saved essays
  • The View Class Reports button
  • Viewable drafts of submitted essays
  • Viewable drafts of saved essays



Using the Student Progress Page


  1. Click Student Progress in the sidebar.
    This will bring you to the Student Progress page.


  1. To quickly see a student's submission, click on the name of a student who turned in an assignment.  
    Students who turned in assignments will have a green check in the Turned In column.


  1. To download a student's Current Draft, check the box next to a student's name and click Download Current Draft.
    You can see and download Current Drafts of submitted essays and saved essays that haven't been turned in yet.


  1. Also on the Student Progress page is the View Class Reports button, which will allow you to see your class’ progress on all assignments except for Expansion Pack assignments.



Using the Student Work Page


  1. Click Student Work in the sidebar.
    This will bring you to the Student Work page.


  2. To see student's work, click the arrows to the left and right of each name at the top right of the page.

  • Each student's most recent draft will be expanded at the top of the page.

  • All previous essay drafts and Proofread Mode feedback will be collapsed beneath the recent draft.

  1. Scroll down through a student's drafts to see all their work on the assignment.
  2. Click the arrows next to each essay or Proofread draft timestamp to expand the draft.
  3. On a Proofread Mode draft, you can also...
    1. Click each underlined word or phrase to see the reason it was flagged as a grammar or spelling error.
    2. Click Show Example to see the full explanation your student received for how to correct each error.



Sending Messages to Students


  1. To message a student in our system, click Send [Student] a Message at the top of the Student Work page.
  2. Students can also send you messages with their submissions.  
    Any message from a student will appear above the version the message corresponds to.





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