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Spot Check Assignments for Students

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Spot Check assignments aren’t like normal Signal Check assignments in Revision Assistant.

Instead of providing highlighting and helpful comments, it helps teachers understand how well you can write without Revision Assistant’s help.


Spot Check assignments are found on the homepage. They will be purple instead of blue. 




Starting a Spot Check Assignment


Click on a Spot Check assignment tile to begin. 


You are not able to view the assignment until the teacher has started the Spot Check assignment. If you click on the assignment tile before the teacher has clicked on ‘Start Spot Check,’ you will be taken to a holding page.




Once the teacher has started the Spot Check assignment, you can click on the ‘Check Availability’ button. The assignment will then display.


Begin by clicking the 'Start Writing' button. 




Students can turn in their essay by clicking on the ‘Turn In’ button.




You can type your essay like you would a normal Revision Assistant assignment. But, in Spot Check, your essay won’t have highlights or helpful comments.

When you’re done working, review your work and click the ‘Turn In’ button to submit your essay to your teacher.




Once the teacher has stopped the Spot Check assignment, you will receive a notification, that the assignment has ended.




Once the assignment has ended, you are unable to work on or turn in the assignment. However, you are able to review your submitted essay.



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