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Viewing the Administrator Usage Report

The Administrator Usage Report offers school and district administrators a wealth of data on Revision Assistant usage in their school(s).  This downloadable Excel report can be used to figure out how many and how often teachers and students are using the Signal Check module, and (most excitingly!) it helps administrators gauge the impact our Signal Check assignments are having on student writing. Click the links below or continue reading for how to download and interpret the Administrator Usage Report. 


Note: Chromebook users, see our Frequently Asked Questions page before downloading our reporting Excel files.






Downloading the Report


  1. Log into with your username and password.
    • Username - email address
    • Password (for 1st login) - welcomeadmin
  2. If this is your 1st login, reset your password when prompted.
  3. Click Reports in the side panel on the left.
    This will bring you to the Reports page for your school(s).
  4. Fill in a start and end date.

    Remember!  The report you will only contain data for activity that occurred within the date range you
    select. Be sure to select a meaningful start and end date, such as the start and end of a semester. 

  5. Follow the next steps below based on the type of administrator you are. 
        If you're a multi-school or district administrator...          If you are a single-school administrator...

          a. Keep "Include All"  selected 
             to see data for all your schools. 

          b. Select Download Excel Report button.


          c. Click "Select Schools."

          d. Select schools you want to see data for. 

          e. Select Download Excel Report button.



          f. Your school should be the only one you see.

          g. Select the Download Excel Report button.

      Note: The first time you download this report, it may take 30 seconds or so.  It will be worth the wait!  We promise.


  1. When your report has downloaded, save it to your computer using a descriptive file name.
    Ta-da!  You're ready to start perusing the usage data for your school(s).






Interpreting the Report


The Administrator Usage Report contains five tabs of information on Signal Check module usage: the Report Summary, School Usage, Teacher Usage, Class Usage, and Definitions. Continue reading for more on what data appears on each tab and how to interpret it.  Then, click the images below  for a closer look at each tab. 


Note:  Administrators, if there's a zero or a dash (-) in any field, see Zeroes & Dashes at the bottom of this page. 



The Report Summary Tab


The Report Summary tab gives administrators a high-level look at usage and performance in their school(s) as a whole. This tab displays data such as the total number of teachers, students, active assignments, and essays. Administrators, check out the Average Change per Essay section of this tab to see the overall impact Revision Assistant is having on all the students you work with! Click the image below  for a closer look at this tab.




The School Usage Tab


The School Usage tab gives administrators a more in-depth look at usage and performance in their individual school(s). This tab displays data such as the number of teachers, students, essays, and requested Signal Checks per school. Multi-school and district administrators, check out the Average Change per Essay section on this tab to see the impact Revision Assistant is having on students in each one of your schools! Click the image below  for a closer look at this tab. 





The Teacher Usage Tab


The Teacher Usage tab shows you which teachers in your district or school(s) are actively using Revision Assistant and generally shows how much their students are improving with each Signal Check draft. Check this tab to see who your superstar Revision Assistant teachers are and ask them to share their secrets for Signal Check success at a professional development day or in a department meeting. Click the image below  for a closer look at this tab. 





The Class Usage Tab


The Class Usage tab digs into the progress every class is making with Signal Check assignments. Are teachers only assigning one Signal Check assignment per class or multiple? Do scores on each draft seem to increase in classes with multiple active assignments vs. classes with one assignment? Are high school classes requesting Signal Check feedback more often than middle school ones? Use this tab to see what usage or progress trends are happening among specific classes in your school(s). Click the image below  for a closer look at this tab. 





The Definitions Tab


The Definitions tab explains what administrators will find in every field of the Administrator Usage Report. Dive deeper with the How to Use column for tips on how each field of the report helps you gauge the progress your districts and/or schools are making towards achieving their writing goals. Click the image below  for a closer look at this tab. 






Zeroes & Dashes


The Administrator Usage Report displays counts of certain sets of data and the averages and percentages
of others.  A dash (-) or a zero might show up in a field on the report. Below are some reasons why. 




  • A zero in a field means Revision Assistant made a calculation that resulted in a zero.
  • Here are some example scenarios below:



What field has the zero?               What causes a zero there?

No. of Active Assignments
  • No assignments were created for the selected schools and date range    OR 
  • An assignment was created, BUT no teacher or student opened the assignment
No. of Essays
  • No assignments were created, so no essays were written      OR
  • Students may have started writing, BUT no student requested a Signal Check
No. of Signal Checks
  • Students may have started writing, BUT no student requested a Signal Check





  • A dash in a field means Revision Assistant didn't have enough valid data to make a calculation.
  • Here are some example scenarios below:



What field has the dash?                   What causes a dash there?

Percentage of Essays with
More than One Signal Check
  • Assignments may have been active, BUT no essays were written   OR
  • No student has requested more than one Signal Check on their essay
Average No. of Signal
Checks per Essay
  • No assignments were created, so no essays were written      OR
  • Students may have started writing, BUT no one requested a Signal Check
Percent (%) with Increased
Signal Check Scores
  • Revision Assistant couldn't generate a Signal Check score
    at least twice per essay to calculate an increase in score  




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